Thoughts of ES on the scene of Jason Keys and Max Summerfield at Gay Hoopla

Today, Gayhoopla has just released Max Summerfield's bottoming debut. Max is this gorgeous, big-dicked, muscular and blue-eyed hunk.


The fucking was too short and there was no chemistry between Max and Jason. It's only 5 minutes (yes I counted). I get that it's his first time taking it up the ass but other studios have done a great job breaking in their newbies. How can you have 30 minutes of solo but only 15 minutes of first man on man scene and the real action was only 5 fucking minutes.

What a waste of subscribers money! We're being ripped off!

[this opinion was written by ES, sent via email]

17 thoughts on “Thoughts of ES on the scene of Jason Keys and Max Summerfield at Gay Hoopla

  1. You get what you deserve for still being subscribed to such a shitty site.

  2. Nice review, thanks for sending it in. I kinda like brevity sometimes.

  3. Its always hot to watch a manly looking muscular guy bottom for a prettier less buff guy.

  4. The ripping off at this website stated long before this update. The whole website is one big hustle, posting poorly filmed action scenes about once a month, while constantly teasing with solo clips of models who will never do action scenes. At this point anyone who is still a member is just a sucker and deserves to be ripped off.

  5. I thought the majority of it looked faked. He wasn’t being penetrated when he was on top or on his back. And, once again, they used shitty camera angles so you couldn’t see any real action. All hype and very little reward.

  6. Obviously you guys are not fans of this type of site. Members aren’t paying for the videos’ you’re bitching about. It’s all about the live/cam shows. The scene wasn’t perfect but watching Key’s top for the first time definitely got me off. This isn’t CF or SC and I don’t want it to be because those sites have been copied so much that the brands themselves are diluted.

  7. You’re right, I’m not a fan of a site that rips off its members with boring over hyped videos that are filled with fake fucking. And, no, this isn’t SC or CF but, they wish they were. But, will never be, because unlike SC and CF their product isn’t worth the cost. Enjoy the live cam shows these con artist love taking money from fools.

  8. Thanks for the reply sir I appreciate it. Gayhoopla does not in any of its advertisements attempt to be like either CF or SC. It sounds to me Michael B that you wish it were, that you wish the guys who worked for Gayhoopla would act like the guys who work for other sites. In the future I strongly urge you to read the full site description before investing.
    In regards to your faked fucking comment. I call bullshit sir! First, the video in question may not have been as long as you may have desired, but there is absolutely no fake fucking. It is genuinely the first time for both models, hence the brevity. Second, JJSwift has bottomed for Austin WIlde, DmitryDickov, and ColeMoney all without faking it! Dickov and Phillip(TannerCF,MarcoFM) scene did have a moment where the penis slipped out at the end. However D’s dick went in and out of P for some time I ask you, how is that faking?
    That said many of the models on this site have no desire to partake in gay sex. They make that very clear, again Michael B next time I strongly suggest you actually read descriptions before you buy, it just may save you money in the future. So the fool here was you for not knowing what you were purchasing.
    As a member of Gayhoopla I do not in any way feel cheated. New shows on a daily basis, plus a bonus update every Monday(see Michael the stuff you’re complaining about is bonus material). BTW to access most live show’s live, a member doesn’t have to have a ‘paid’ membership. I’m paying because although I enjoy live shows, I’m really not into interacting with the entire room. Hoopla allows me to download all of it’s content to enjoy anytime I wish. Flirt4Free and other cam sites charge per minute for such access and even then it’s only for some of the content. Plus other cam sites charge per minute to see the nut. Hoopla that nut is free, the download is only for paid members.
    Rant accomplished. Just could not let Michael B insinuate I was a fool without a full throated argument.

  9. You really think I paid for this shit? You’re a bigger fool than I thought.

  10. I would neved, ever subscribe to that site. What is the point of a gay website that has no sex?

  11. Michael B if you didn’t pay for it than what’s your deal. Just being asshole I guess. Is that the best reply you could come up with? LOL

  12. Donald, no point for gay people who only want to see gay sex. I’m bi and have varied interest in porn. That’s what makes the world of porn so freakin awesome. Diversity is our friend not our enemy.

  13. Thanks Ariel, for sticking up for GayHoopla. I love that site like no other. Handsome guys every night in a live cum show, which gripers like Michael and the others saw for free. GayHoopla is new in the hardcore porn biz & they’re seriously trying to present a quality product – but they’re still learning. None of the members feel cheated, even if some of the vids are underwhelming. They’ve been slowly improving. I give them an A for effort – and I have no doubt their vids will eventually equal SC’s & CF’s. I was in at the beginning of SC & their first efforts weren’t any better than GayHoopla’s. By the way, if anyone saw those vids without being a member, you viewed a pirated copy! And then you have the nerve to try to tear down a struggling new site. Go troll some of the sites that truly are cheats!

  14. This doesn’t look like it’s written by a member. It looks like it’s written by an owner.

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