16 thoughts on “From Elder Borski to Christian Borski at Gay Hoopla (tip @ Deran)

  1. that bathtub with the water spout coming out of the wall is awesome. just one question – how do you turn the water on/off?

  2. You mean Dimitry Dickov? I think he’s okay lol. why disgusting? ’cause he’s a gay4pay?

  3. I think Borski is really hot! Can´t understand though why he was filmed wearing glasses at Mormonboyz – a real turnoff. I haven´t seen his scenes at Mormonboyz, but he looks more muscular now – very good.
    Who is the guy Borski is topping in the Gayhoopla-pic above – another newcomer? Gayhoopla has many fantastic newcomers Ken Ott, Ajay, Borski etc. Hope we will see Kris Kohler in sex scenes.
    Lastly – I hope Gayhoopla will start to release sex scenes more often. I don´t know if any (major) gayporn website releases sex scenes as seldom as Gayhoopla.

  4. He just appeared as Yuri Sasio breeding and eating Kip Johnson in a Dallas Reeves scene which was mislabelled on various blogs as Kip fucking him. They both look a lot younger than they have lately, maybe it was filmed a while ago. I think he is very, very hot.

  5. (1) Some people like the glasses. One model at Guysinsweatpants always wear glasses and he is apparently a bit of a hit. Maybe you are supposed to think they are cleverer than the average porn model, if that matters.
    (2) I agree about the small number of fucking scenes at Gayhoopla. It seems to me that have released fucking scenes about once per month and make a big deal about it. Others release at least 1 fucking scene per week (eg. CM), 2 per week (eg. SC), etc.

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