Bisexual porn stars in love – Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris [updated]

In gay porn, Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris do film bareback scenes.

The two were paired in three (?) bareback scenes, duo [gallery] and in a threesome [gallery], released by College Dudes, Next Door Twink and Wank This.

Wankthis_trentferris_samtruitt Wankthis_trentferris_samtruitt_2 

The two also had bareback scenes released by Sketchy Sex but not together in a scene.


Even in their private life, they do bareback. Trent Ferris shared a private bareback moment between him and Sam Truitt.


They are both bisexuals [gallery] and in a relationship for 6 months now, according to Sam.


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  1. They have been saying for awhile now that they are lovers. In fact I believe they are living together based on recent twitter posts about visiting parents and the trips back “home” (and the shenanigans they get up to on the road).

  2. Hot couple….hot dudes!
    Although if they read this I would urge them to consider if they are in a relationship the ramifications of their porn career on their intimacy and health.
    In other words the following options if they are a couple (and I’m not saying either is right or wrong):
    1. No more porn / committed BB relationship
    2. Condomed porn with others / committed BB relationship
    3. BB porn with others / committed condomed relationship
    4. Porn career mixed / open relationship condomed
    5. Porn career mixed / open relationship BB
    6. Any differential pairing and/or combination of #2 through #5 with PreP (although REMEMBER the official CDC guidelines recommend PReP WITH condom use).
    “Young” does NOT equal invincible and even though HIV is manageable now with meds it’s that attitude that has contributed to its increase spread when there was a time where transmissions were decreasing.

  3. Sam has an page where he’s made several comments about the nature of his relationship with Trent. Here is a question with one such reply:
    Question: “How long have you and Trent been dating? Which of you asked the other out? Now that you’re dating, do you get jealous when Trent does a scene with someone else? Or do you guys play with others even off-cam? Do you guys still hook up with girls?”
    Reply: “We have been dating since The beginning of January this year it’s been 5 coming up on 6 months. And I don’t think either one of us actually asked each other out the traditional way it just happened 🙂 Jealousy is never an issue either we know that work is work and personal is personal and we keep the two separate. We aren’t open though so we don’t play like that off camera with others.”

  4. Well. I’m proven wrong!! I thought bisexuals only go for the girls in public. Maybe that only applies to regular bisexual guys, not to celebrity or porn models

  5. Sam and Trent are two young men in a committed relationship with one another. What they do for work is not what they do during their time off work together. They practically or did take each other’s virginity, so they probably feel safe with one another. Either way it is a personal choice whether to wear a condom. Probably those commenting have’t always worn them, and you know all those pregnant ladies think that the guy they were with before they got pregnant was gonna wear one too!Leave them alone

  6. This is a great post Denz! 🙂 Thanks also for updating the article with the additions featured in the comments. It appears that Sam and Trent are enjoying their friendship and the relationship that is evolving between them and I would like to wish them the very best.

  7. So by my count
    They had 3 scenes together at College Dudes
    1 scene at Wank This
    1 scene at Guys In Sweat Pants
    1 scene at Jet Set Men
    Took part in 2 threesomes at Next Door Twink

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