Statement from Mac of Sean Cody

[via email] I want to start off by apologizing for the inappropriate comment I made on twitter.


I did not intend it to be offensive towards anyone gay or the gay community. I deeply believe that people are allowed to share there love with whomever they feel it necessary. Who am I to judge how other people live there lives. I am deeply sorry if my tweet offended anyone and it has been removed from my account. This has been an eye opening experience as to how hurtful words can be and I never want to be apart of something in the form of bullying ever! I can't say I'm sorry enough. I understand an apology can only go so far however I'm hoping you can understand the sincerity when I say I'm sorry and could you please remove the blog post with my modeling photos I would like to keep that separate from my porn. It would be greatly appreciated and once again I can't be sorry enough for my inappropriate tweet. Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

[NOTE The model photos were removed from the post]

151 thoughts on “Statement from Mac of Sean Cody

  1. I don’t think guys like this who do gay porn are hetero; most likely bisexual who compartmentalise his same-sex attraction and act on it by suppressing emotions so that in his mind he can still see himself as heterosexual.
    He felt “degraded” by the guy who hit on him because it made him feel like getting hit on by the same sex took him out of his comfort zone where his same-sex acts are only emotionless actions.

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