16 thoughts on “From Flirt 4 Free to Randy Blue for Jake Orion

  1. Certainly packing a SALAMI SAUSAGE between those thighs. Wow!! … one of the largest in recent times. 🙂 🙂

  2. Is that number right? 2079 in less than 2 years? I’m surprised it hasn’t gone gangrenous and fallen off… 😐
    And workout solo?? Who tha fuck does he think he is?! We don’t need another Cody Cummings with endless solos…

  3. If he would like it he would already have done a hardcore scene. He probably is so straight that even the thought of touching another guys’ dick makes him vomit.

  4. He has taken huge dildos up his ass on cam, he should do a toy solo next if he doesn’t want to take the real thing.

  5. From his flirt4free page: “I like a man who is willing to take my big dick straight up their ass and let me cum all inside of them…I like being on top most of the time, but willing to take it in the ass for the right guy. I love getting my asshole licked and also giving others rim jobs. Also love 69”
    Now that I would like to see. Solos don’t cut it.

  6. Wow, huge dildos? That’s hot. Now I want to see that footage. Guys like him frustrate me the most — ones who love ass play, but refuse to come back to have a duo scene. He might like it.

  7. it states on his flirt4free page that he hates using condoms, who knows maybe randyblue will start doing bareback porn or he will just get an offer from a bareback studio.

  8. He claims he is bi but I have yet to see him do anything with a girl or better yet a guy so he will forever be a snooze fest in my book till he upgrades. Way too much out there to be drooling over him. Sorry not sorry.

  9. I would like to know how much money they make from each tip they get on f4f. Why isn’t it mentioned anywhere there on what each tip is?

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