Then & Now on Brad Rioux (tip @ Adrian)

Looking at the release dates of his videos, Brad Rioux started in gay porn in 2000. He took a break from 2004 to 2013, according to his website.

[photos were requested removed by Brad Rioux]

He is back this 2014. He has done scenes with [gallery] and without the use of condoms [gallery].

Thennow_bradrioux_menofmontreal_01 Thennow_bradrioux_menofmontreal_02 

THEN [Squirtz] & NOW [Brad's twitter]. The new tattoos (stars & lines on his arm) are not real. Just painted on him for the Quebec pride.

[photos were requested removed by Brad Rioux]

8 thoughts on “Then & Now on Brad Rioux (tip @ Adrian)

  1. Brad was one of my first porn crushes! He started out doing scenes with a Canadian company, like My First Big Dick (or something similar), basically 2 big dicked tops f*cked this other guy. I was shocked to see the change in his appearance, that he decided to come back to porn and that he now bottoms (for Hot Rod none the less!)

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