With & without the use of condoms for Raul Korso (tip @ John)

Two scenes of Raul Korso were released on the same day, September 04, one with condom and one without condom.

Lucas Kazan released the condom scene, where Raul was fucked by Tomas Brand.


While, Tim Tales released the bareback scene, where Raul was fucked by Rocco Steele.


Raul Korso has been switching back & forth from condom to bareback scenes.

He had a condom scene at Tim Tales where he was fucked by the owner, Tim Kruger.


And, he did a bareback scene for Lucas Entertainment.


9 thoughts on “With & without the use of condoms for Raul Korso (tip @ John)

  1. Oh right. He had already done a bareback scene with LE. >.<
    It’s those orgies. It’s really hard to keep track of the models used in them. None are really highlighted, but all are lost in the action.

  2. The tops in the scenes are switched: the Lucas Kazan scene is with Tomas Brand and the Tim Tales scene is with Rocco Steele.

  3. You need to switch the Thomas Brand and Rocco Steele names with the pictures of this post because they are backwards.

  4. Anyone who can open their hole and take Rocco Steele all the way to the balls is a HERO in my book!
    golf clap

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