The Demon Inside – an unintentional chuckle? (written by Jerry)

This week’s clip at “High Performance Men” is called “The Demon Inside”, and features Phenix Saint topping Jake Jennings. 


The site description of the clip reads: “The Warlocks are conjuring up the demons tonight in a satanic ritual that will bring the demon into the real world. Jake and Phenix begin to chant the sacred words that will bring forth the demon. They stand in the middle of the pentagram kissing while slowly turning.


They do not know what to expect so they begin to fuck in the middle of the pentagram as Phenix rides Jakes cock deep and hard. The evil power begins to come forth turning Phenix into the demon as he rides Jake. The demon screams and takes control of Phenix’s body, bending Jake over and pounding deep inside. Jake is shocked and ready to be the demon’s slave for all eternity. The demon fucks him throughout the night until he spews his evil seed all over the willing slave.I always enjoy clips with costumes and plots and there are certainly plenty of them at Halloween time.

I give the studios a lot of credit for being fun and creative. But I wonder if this one might have been scarier if they had drawn an actual pentagram instead of a Star Of David?   :^)


Have a great Halloween!!