Is strategic barebacking a marketing strategy? (written by Unrepentant)

I’ve been observing and thinking about how some studios have used barebacking. And there seems to be a pattern amongst certain studios and bareback. They create a buzz around having bareback scenes and do a few.


But then after a little while, there’s no more. I’ve seen this with the following studios: College Dudes, Southern Strokes (only one or two scenes), Next Door, Men of Montreal, Bulldog Pitt, and, seemingly, FuckerMate.


I’ve wondered if this is perhaps a marketing decision to get more men to sign up. And once they are hooked, there’s no need to continue (especially given the hope that there will be more). Or was this just an experiment that the studio then decided was not worth it. Interestingly, these studios often tend to do the whole bait and switch routine of showing staged preview photos of raw cocks against butts and then no closeups of the actual fucking. It’s only in the watching of the videos that you can be sure of what’s actually going on.


Of course, there are a few studios that successfully integrate both types of porn: Helix, Staxus, William Higgins, Butch Dixon, Eurocreme, SD Boys, maybe Boynapped (though I haven’t seen anything BB from them in a while).

[written by a fellow porn fan – Unrepentant, sent via email]