5 thoughts on “Will you be watching? Halloween special of Pride Studios

  1. Absolutely not… I do not get into the holiday theme porn. What a waste of talent , time and energy . Not sure how fucking a guy dressed as a zombie or werewolf is at all a turn on ,… Kind of like all those porn stars with silly Santa hats at Christmas …. The best treat you could give me for Halloween is two or three good looking guys with great chemistry having great sex without the gimmicks or obligatory nod to a holiday or theme… That goes for pizza delivery setups, I dropped the soap in the shower, the TV repairman, the jock with a sore muscle, the doctor and his “checkup” and all the other cheesy porno memes….

  2. Great to see studios go with theme type movies, horror movies are popular in mainstream films, why shouldn’t it be occasionally done in porn.. If paying attention to a plot is too much for some of you who were born with the attention span of a gnat, then find some other porn to watch and quit bitching….MARY!

  3. FUCK NO….worst than Men.com.
    Although who is the bottom in “Serial Fucker”? He looks hot as fuck…

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