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OVERALL IMPRESSION: Regardless of how you feel about Michael Lucas and whether or not it’s your "thing" to watch a massive giant Swede of a man get his hole boned inside-out, for the love of the porn gods…. if you watch ONE scene this year, make it a point to break out the lube and tissues for this one! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this clip deserves a nomination as "Best Duo Bareback Sex Scene of the Year". Lucas brings his signature aggressive sex style and all but annihilates Brand's grade A beefy (and in turn aggressively willing) butt in a clip so filled to the brim with lusty energy, kink, spurting fluids, and pure primal-hungry-passionate sex that it’s a wonder a) I could even watch this in its entirety to review it given that a quarter of the way through I had the urge to shove my Canon printer up my ass and b) my computer didn’t spontaneously ignite (!) This scene is so hot that at one point just the facial expressions of the performers alone (while the intense fucking is occurring out of camera frame) would be enough to get even the most prudish porn viewer off. And Brand’s bravura showcasing here as he hungrily lifts and lowers, shimmys, shakes, and twerks that hole and ample bubble butt on Lucas’s cock like it was the last cock on earth is INCOMPARABLE!



  • Why have I not fallen under this man's spell before? Tomas Brand is Swedish DYNAMITE/PERFECTION! Here he is the very definition of a "hot muscle bottom". Watching his expressions while his massive body enjoys the fucking of his life (there are tons of closeup shots of his gaping hole, distending and stretching around Lucas’s balls-deep-plunging cock) is the stuff of legends and orgasms.


  • Michael Lucas is no slouch either…his aggressive commanding sex style is a contrast to Brand's hungry bottoming: Lucas proves here that he is a one man Kama Sutra – masterful rimming skills, foreskin chewing, brutal monkey fucking, hot cock-stabbing (i.e. pulling out all the way and shoving back in – I counted 13 in a row at one point), and attacking DAT AZZ from every angle, every variant position, six ways to Sunday.
  • The clip is WALL-TO-WALL sex – from its immediate opening rim to its kinky wrap-up, the scene barely gives the viewer time to catch their breath.
  • Camera work is the best I’ve seen for Lucas Entertainment – not too shaky, gliding and voyeuristically erotic.


  • KINK OVERLOAD: Clip is overflowing with lots of what I'm finding to be signature kink for Michael Lucas: rimming a freshly, raw fucked hole, felching…my God THE FELCHING…, fingering followed by licking of said fingers, a new sex position, and the mother of all of the hottest unbroken ATM's captured on film (see below).
  • Lucas and Brand are so lusty over each other that about 8 minutes into the clip, Lucas NUTS inside Brand's beefy butt by mistake….and then APOLOGIZES for it! Just. WOW!


  • Cirque du Soleil sex – around minute 15:05, Lucas fucks Brand in a rather unique sex position that needs to be seen to be believed because describing it as "butt to butt inverted fucking" doesn't do it justice. Also I'm calling it "the Lucas" because he owns this rarely seen position in gay porn and does it well (save for one mishap – see below). SCORE!


  • Cinematography and editing lapses tinge what is an otherwise perfect sex scene: Autofocus is still an issue with the cameras, causing shots to be blurry for a time while the lens snaps into clarity and some odd edits in this one (especially when the shot prior doesn’t match, although slight kudos to the majority of the edits which match the continuity of the previous shot).


  • Minute 1:52 – Lucas appears to wipe a booger out of Brand's nose. Daaaawwwwwwww.
  • 7:54 and beyond – the aforementioned premature ejaculation of Master Lucas. He actually pulls out and shoves back in and what looks like lube starts leaking out of Brand's hole but at 8:33 we get clarification of just what it is when Lucas says "Sorry I CAME" (!) MIND – and load – BLOWN!


  • Minute 16:05 – Lucas's cock slips out while fucking in "The Lucas" and clearly a splatter shot of lube and body fluids goes flying onto the bed because you then see him wipe all of the fluids off the sheets directly below him (out of frame).
  • 19:12 Closeup of the rimming- THIS IS HOW YOU FILM A RIM!!!!! Brand's hole pushes out and Lucas just jams his mouth and tongue right into it like it’s oxygen.
  • Minutes 25:25 and beyond: THE MOTHER OF ALL ATM'S – Brand basically gets his raw, worn out hole creampied multiple times and then immediately cleans off ML’s cock fresh from the churning! Then Brand sits on Lucas's still hard cock, grinds, and then disembarks to clean the cum and ass juices off.


  • 27:45 Brand’s money shot: interesting for the fact that Lucas essentially sucks only the top two inches of Brand’s clearly sensitive cock head, causing Brand to unload gobs of man batter into Lucas mouth which he pushes out of his mouth all over his knuckles.

Excuse me while I watch this again….and again….and again.

[Lucas Enterainment @ $14.95]

12 thoughts on “REVIEW on Tomas Brand Bottoms For Michael Lucas by Alias74

  1. WOW – I usually agree with you 90-95% in your reviews, but definitely not on this one! I thought this scene was so disjointed, Lucas kept stopping the action (aka fucking) and I remember Lucas saying, he “thought” he just came, now come on, what GUY doesn’t know when he cums!!!! With all the fake cum in his previous scenes, this looked totally fake to me, I had a hard time watching the rest of the video! While I totally bought into Tomas as a muscular power bottom, he did not cum while getting fucked – kinda a prerequisite for a “power bottom”. This scene was definitely not wank-worthy to me!

  2. Lucas has NEVER bottomed on screen. He said a few years ago that he tried bottoming off screen with his partner @ the time, & didn’t like it.
    I don’t recall him eating cum or drinking piss either, seems he doesn’t do any of the edgy actions that he has everyone else do.

  3. Couldn’t agree more HalJ. I couldn’t wait to watch this scene after the above over the top glowing review. After watching, my first thought was, “how much did ML pay Alias to write that review”. I don’t for a second believe ML came in Tomas. Hell, I’m not even sure Tomas came at the end. And ML had to jack off to cum at the end…really? That was sure worthy of scene of the year…NOT! Tomas is probably one of the hottest guys in porn (god I love him!) but this scene was definitely not award worthy imo.

  4. I really enjoyed this LE clip…and….agree with Russ that Mr. Lucas has yet to reveal his anal invasion on camera. 🙁 🙁
    My ultra-favorite and KINKY scene is Michael L. fisting Milan Gamiani … from his DVD Encounters 2 “The Point of No Return” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. I thought the hot action kept rolling and with six to seven minutes takes and some seamless editing, it was like being in the room.
    Now…I have heard the allegations that Lucas fakes the cum shots. I swear he says “Sorry I came”…But what do I know. I just know the two of them were fucking the SHIT out of each other and it was HOT and kinky and body fluid trasfer was happening EVERYWHERE!

  6. Paul….I AM NOT getting paid by Lucas to write this. In fact I’m about to send him an email about this review and disagreements.
    Dude…I WISH studios paid me to review their stuff. I do this out of my own wallet and my love of porn.
    And everyone of my reviews is straight from the heart….I refuse to be a shill for studios and trump their products for profit or free porn. There are so many gay porn blogs that just trump trump trump without an honest opinion of the work itself. And then there’s Str8UpGayPorn where everything is negatively criticized for the sake of mouse clicks. SAD.
    NO one gives me a break. I spend a small fortune on subscriptions. And THAT’S just the gay stuff….I watch transgender, straight, bi, I watch it all. Tried getting my own review site up and running but the reviews take a while to write and my personal life has a lot going on.
    Thanks for reading and keep up those comments!

  7. DISAGREEMENTS!!!!! AWESOME….that’s why I write these things.
    Anyone see this clip and wanna weigh in???? Keep it coming!

  8. Id give it a B-. It was hot but god damn Michael Lucas insists on color desaturating all the scenes to make the performers look sick and pasty.

  9. I agree 100% the scene was HOT, only for Thomas Brands amazing bubble butt. His butt was eating Lucas’ dick like it was the last dick on earth!! I’m not a fan of Lucas, the face, the body, the overcrowded BB orgies, and the sites continuing use of fake as fuck cum, but this was definitively the BEST scene I’ve seen this year. Kudos to THOMAS BRAND. If only his hot BF would get in on the action and get breeded by the likes of Dato Foland….

  10. Oh stop this guys..Lucas is hot and the fact that the man is staying in such a great shape, able to fuck like a champ is giving me lots of hope( i am 29). He and thomas who i believe is also in his 40s are breaking stereotype that gay man is no longer hot ones he past his 30s.

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