CONGRATULATIONS! Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber are engaged!

A few days before Christmas, Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris got engaged. Today, Christmas day, Jesse Jackman shared the news that he and his lover Dirk Caber are now engaged!


30 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS! Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber are engaged!

  1. Here we go again. At least it is a positive development in a bitchy industry. Maybe it will last, maybe not, but straight marriages only have 50% or thereabouts probability of success.

  2. Congratulations, guys! Love is always to be celebrated. Best wishes for a long, healthy, happy, and successful life together.

  3. Peeps, I hope that you’re simply trying to stir up the pot rather than speaking from your heart. Because if it’s the latter, you must be in a lot of pain.

  4. Yup. 😀
    I’m more over the relationship posturing people seem to do on social media. This is one of many examples.
    I’m wondering if they offer honeymoon specials on their rentboy pages.

  5. Well, we can suggest that 50% has mental problems and baggage to work on. I’m just not going to name which set it is.

  6. Wishing you much happiness, guys! James and Dick have to be one of the nicest couples in porn today and I count them among my very best friends. Always there to lend a helping hand and just plain ol’ good guys. Can’t wait to see you both at the wedding!

  7. I think any porn star relationship is going to insight scepticism and there is an aspect that it’s not real and the two characters they play, trying to work off-screen…but I really hope it works out for them.

  8. This is my exact thought about this. I’m not gonna holding any breath but I do wish them all the best.

  9. “incite” not “insight”. “incite” is a verb. “insight” is a noun. Maybe this marriage provides insight into the depth of the relationship possible between two porn models. Maybe it doesn’t.

  10. Time will tell. Like I say, they have my best wishes, but relationships like this…and there have been a lot, don’t have a good track record.

  11. I’m not sure why I bothered reading this article, written by a guy who performs in an industry built on sexual fantasy and who hides behind a pseudonym. He is apparently doing something more real, like marrying another guy whose vocation is the same thing, but who also hides behind a pseudonym. What names will appear on the marriage certificate? The article provides no insight into long-term relationships, even in the porn industry, because it is not about a long-term relationship, which to most people continues over many years, not weeks or months as in porn-land. It is about the commencement of an unorthodox relationship which is unorthodox from many different perspectives. It is very convenient to be living apart and to not have to worry about the mundane things in life, which are often the deal-breakers in relationships. It is even harder when living apart is because of working in porn. “Sorry dear, I can’t pick you up from the dentist because I have a client/porn shoot in another city…” Like Reg and others write above, good luck to them, but the odds are stacked against them. Time will tell.

  12. Dude, the fact you came here to prove a point, defeats the message. Stop trying so hard. No one cares.

  13. Interesting you choose to address just one of my points. While 18 months is forever in gay-time, it is a blink of an eye in real-life. Like the others, I care about your relationship as much as you care about mine. The difference is I don’t have the need to perpetuate an orchestrated fantasy. Good luck to whoever is the real person behind the Jesse Jackman persona.

  14. some porn “fans” are nothing but bitter bitches who really need to get their issues worked out.

  15. After six-years, they’ve just broken up, with Jesse saying to Dirk, “Get out”.
    Dirk posted about it on Facebook yesterday and admitted that he gave Jesse so much attention, to the detriment of friends and family.

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