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  1. I was looking forward to his videos being released… not anymore.
    They’ll be a shitload of others even more excited now so yay for them.

  2. I’m sure there is more to the story. Because if that is documented truth, than he’d be in prison at his age. What is your source? Maybe it was self-defense or an accident. Known killers just don’t walk free except in circles where you wouldn’t dare publish this information.

  3. QueerMeNow has some Google translations of Spanish extracts relating to the case. It looks like it was fairly complex.

  4. OK, followed the link. If for sure this is the same guy (who uses their real porn name), it sounds like a big mistake and he has probably suffered terribly for it. He clearly didn’t do it on purpose, he was in an altered state.
    Motivation is an important factor to me when judging people.

  5. Totally hot. I’m not planning to bring him home – I just want to jerk off while I watch him have sex. I could not care less that he killed his father and brother.

  6. He killed a pair of homophobes after years of homophobic abuse. They reap what they sow, good riddance, now just leave this story behind

  7. Agreed. Seek to understand rather than jump to a conclusion without understanding more about the fircumstances. This could be a.horrible rumor just to discredit Lucas Studios?

  8. It is indeed a sad tale. But he is still the hottest guy Lucas hired in the past 2 years. Shame he was not allowed to leave his amazing beautiful long / messy hair, he looked so much more sexy like that. Honestly, the taste of Michael Lucas is boring me.
    He matched him up with this new Brazilian twink, ugly as hell, instead of giving him a great partner (like his boyfriend Fernando Torres). Oh well.

  9. Just playing devil’s advocate here but isn’t that the excuse/justification often used by those kids in American high schools who go crazy with guns?
    Is it ok to commit multiple murder if you feel you have been bullied?

  10. This is all kinda creepy to me. And yes, I really feel sorry for myself to admit that I find him very HOT. I wonder what his partners would feel knowing what he’s done while fucking him. Maybe I shouldn’t be judging him so much. I believe in the concept of second chance.

  11. Yeah he is hot, although I mean as rehabilitation goes, gay porn is not exactly heading to Africa to work with orphans to atone for your sins.
    Perhaps he has experienced financial troubles.
    It seems his brother was just 16 when he was murdered.

  12. He murdered his 16 year old little brother.
    Maybe they should have abused him for real…this guy is clearly evil.

  13. Responding to bullying with murder is not a defense if murder has occurred. Responding to bullying with murder is not a legal defense.
    However, responding to homosexual advances with murder actually has been a legal defense, and probably still is in many places, , called various names like “provocation”. Fortunately, that defense is being slowly removed from penal codes so homicide in response to homosexual advanc e is rightfully having no excuse. From the quotes on “QueerMeNow” it appears that he was missing intent because of insanity, thus the max he could have been convicted of would be manslaughter or equivalent but even that was not the case.
    He apparently was not convicted so we can enjoy his attractiveness without guilt neither was he.

  14. Hot guy, couldn’t care less what he did in his past, I watch porn to masturbate, not to think.

  15. I don’t know of any cases of homophobic bullying leading to school shootings.
    Love the part you said “if you feel”, shows clearly you don’t think years of homophobic abuse should be taken seriously.

  16. “He murdered his 16 year old little brother.”
    He was 17 years old himself, so I don’t know why people here are talking of his nasty homophobic brother like he was a little, pure, innocent baby.

  17. The gay community loves that whole “rough trick” fantasy. What better to fulfill that than a murderer. He’s far from the first one to be in porn, and I doubt he’ll be the last.

  18. Well, at least around 5% of the comments here are actually INTELLIGENT.
    IF this guy should be in prison or not is NOT your business, FYI psychologists and real life JUDGES (not the internet ones) worked in the case and concluded that he was INNOCENT and he needed help.
    He had real mental disorders and A GUN AT HOME (that’s not normal in Argentina). An abusive rich dad and brother, and access to all types of drugs, which he ingested before the incident. He was YOUNG AND VULNERABLE and again, judges and psychologists found him INNOCENT.

  19. The discussion on this website is better than most. You have to ignore the obvious idiots. That is no different from anywhere else on the Internet.
    As for whether or not the guy in this posting should be in prison is actually our business. He was charged with a crime (in Argentina) and tried with a verdict of not guilty. This is all rightly public knowledge. It is anyone’s business to know what is the law and how it is interpreted. The judgment in this case will be published (probably on the Internet as well) so it is possible for any interested person to know the facts of this case and the legal process that led to a verdict of not guilty. It was fairly clear in the postings that the defendant had personal issues. What was not clear was how they caused his actions to kill others and how the law operated on those facts. You can only know for sure by reading the case, not the Internet accounts.

  20. Drama, Drama, Drama!
    Fernando Torres and his boyfriend ex-con Tomas Lopez have just quit Lucas Entertainment via their twitter accounts claiming Lucas has not paid them for the Berlin job and starting a whole hate filled thread about Lucas.
    It is rather a shame, because I loved Fernando Torres and I was delighted when his hot boyfriend came on board. I was so looking forward to more exciting scenes with these two!!
    In the gay porn world everything could change in a blink of an eye; and what was ‘great and wonderful’ just 9 days ago is now full of slings and arrows towards their former-employer.
    This is Lucas Ent. response –

  21. Where is your proof? Not saying they were justified if it was true but if you have no proof then how can you up and say that?

  22. Spot on. 123dasilva4 and others are justing ranting. From what we have seen, he was not guilty/convicted of murder. He couldn’t have been or he would be in jail. Thus he is entitled to do anything we can do within the law.

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