POLL Hottest Randy Blue model of 2014

You’ve nominated your favorite Randy Blue model of 2014. There was only one rule, he should have been introduced in 2014. Here are the list of nominees.

Angel Santiago [gallery], Billy Taylor [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_Angel_Santiago Randyblue_hottestguys_Billy_Taylor

Bodik Rigor [gallery], Brandon Foster [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_Bodik_Rigor Randyblue_hottestguys_Brandon_Foster

Brock Cooper [gallery], Charlie Pattinson [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_brock_cooper Randyblue_hottestguys_Charlie_Pattinson

Dominic Santos [gallery], Dustin Holloway [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_Dominic_Santos Randyblue_hottestguys_Dustin_Holloway

Elijah Alexandrov [gallery], Eric Blade [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_Elijah_Alexandrov Randyblue_hottestguys_Eric_Blade

Ezra Finn [gallery], Fabio Acconi [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_Ezra_Finn Randyblue_hottestguys_Fabio_Acconi

Jake Orion [gallery], Max Michaels [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_Jake_Orion Randyblue_hottestguys_Max_Michaels

Ryan Knightly [gallery], Scotty Marx [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_Ryan_Knightly Randyblue_hottestguys_Scotty_Marx

Seth O’Malley [gallery], Zach Ramos [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_seth_omally Randyblue_hottestguys_Zach_Ramos

Zane Porter [gallery]

Randyblue_hottestguys_Zane_Porter Randyblue_hottestguys_Zane_Porter_02

Time to vote for your favorite RB model introduced in 2014.

15 thoughts on “POLL Hottest Randy Blue model of 2014

  1. Brandon Foster, Jake Orion, Ezra Finn, Dominic Santos and Angel Santiago. Really hard choices for me.

  2. I voted for Scotty Marx,.. as the best looking Latin Stud at RB since Jay Lopez….. but will concede there’s SIX others I consider HOT…and would love to see them do a kangaroo hop to Corbin Fisher. 🙂 🙂

  3. What is the point in (a) voting for guys if they appeared in another site prior to 2014, or (b) and more importantly, wasting voting for ‘gay porn’ stars for guys who will just strip and jerk off.
    I think may be 4-5 of all those listed ever performed an actual gay sex scene and, of those, I voted for one whom I wouldn’t even pay attention to otherwise.

  4. Actually, 13 out of the 19 guys on this list have done at least one hardcore scene. That is way more than just 4-5.

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