Brody & David at Sean Cody by Alias74


OVERALL IMPRESSION:  Ostensibly Brody with his prototypical jock/fitness trainer good looks and bod ideally was to be the showcase here. And while he definitely fits the Sean Cody mold and delivers a pretty hot prototypical “top” performance, this clip is sadly a “prototypical” Sean Cody scene – pro forma, choppily edited, short duration takes of two sexy guys, questionably straight having robotic gay sex. If this clip shows anything, it’s David’s ability to perform under the circumstances of filming: he stays rock hard, gets his hole distended and fucked raw, takes internals, and cums, shoots and scores. He leaves an impression (in fact look closely – the camera often diverts to focus solely on David at times), but Brody barely registers beyond his fucking, grunting and avoiding getting cum on his face from David’s distance-travelling, cum soaker money shots. Wake me when it’s done.



  • SCENE MVP goes to David here – he remains rock hard, moaning and just taking all of Brody’s cock balls deep. There are some great shots of his ass jiggling as he’s fucked doggy, his hole distending a bit in the missionary, and cum dripping out of his ass from Brody’s internal. And all the while, David just begs for more and spreads his cheeks wide!

Alias74_pornreviews_brodydavid_sc_02 Alias74_pornreviews_brodydavid_sc_03

  • Brody knows how to fuck…good use of his hips. Other than that, my dildo has more personality.
  • David’s money shots are king – super soaker sized. The first isn’t captured so well but the second features six cum rockets that shoot up over Brody’s head.


  • Brody may very well be taking Jack’s title as “King Internal” – TWICE in the clip he cums and shoots inside David, pulls out and jacks some more cum out, then shoves in. The first in doggy is the best – huge thick ropes of cum just fly out of his cock, later shoving into David’s raw, cummy, drippy man-hole. Strangely his second cumshot is short and not as well shot.


  • Brody is horrible at sucking dick – maybe this is why all the shots were blocked and edited and we never get a clear view (he seems to be only taking the head of David’s cock in his mouth and is barely sucking – like all those Euro porno guys who appear to be putting the penis in their mouth but trying to not let their mouth really touch it or suck it).
  • Either the raw footage just wasn’t enough or someone in editing at Sean Cody needs to be replaced – there are too many repeated shots here in each of the sex positions to the point where it just seems so robotic and repetitive. Shame because the guys are damn fine. Oddly enough the longest stretch of the guys interacting is boring faux cuddling and caressing once the sex is OVER (!)
  • In terms of camera operating, the dudes manning the camera seem so intent on flashy moving shots that they manage to routinely MISS the hot stuff: for example, just when we want to see something hot, the camera moves up to catch a reaction shot instead of the action. Also in the beginning the camera manages to shoot Brody going down on David in horribly blocked shots and bad angles – minutes go by before we get a clear shot of Brody’s mouth on David’s cock (even David has to physically move Brody’s arm from the shot and even that doesn’t solve the visibility problems).
  • The shortness of the takes makes me think Brody wasn’t as hard as he should have been during the action.
  • All of Brody’s cum shots seem oddly truncated.   


  • At 11:34 watch for a quickshot of David breaking the fourth wall and looking at the camera
  • Intense and hot fucking – David with his pale legs in the air, in the buck, hot closeup of his hole getting plundered at 6:59 to 8:09
  • 10:09 to 10:38 Listen to David moan and slightly giggle as he gets pounded by Brody in a stellar underneath shot
  • 13:04 – 13:30 THROWING ROPE! –  the replay of Brody’s stunning internal cum shot to flying ropes of semen to creampie of a destroyed raw hole.