REVIEW on Rocco Steele breeds Dolf Dietrich at Lucas Ent by Alias74

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Full disclosure: Rocco Steele could be fully dressed (yes I said it….fully dressed), reading the McDonald's dollar menu, and I would still cum in my pants. He is a perfect, massive hunk of man who happens to be heir to the throne of John Holmes. Paired with adorably affable and sexy Dolf Dietrich, this is Rocco's first released scene with Lucas Entertainment (there was a previous Lucas Raunch scene of him annihilating Drew Sumrok's poor hole). I was hoping to see "Rocco the Destroyer" (as in the hard-driving, to-the-balls top I've come to know and gape for) but instead we get "Rocco the Romancer".  This clip is all about chemistry, intimacy, and real time fucking – read: The camera work, editing, and the way these two interact really feel like you're in the room with them and part of the sexiest, body fluid filled reality show. Heat definitely gets generated – Rocco prowls and is all pelvic thrust and Dolf proves himself quite capable, bouncing, bucking, and fucking himself on Rocco's cock. It's hot if not slightly disappointing because I was hoping for an all out hole-wrecking scene (like Rocco's previous scene with Sumrok).


What's good:

  • I can't get enough of Rocco Steele. Everything on him is massive – his body, his hands, his good looks, his thighs – and when it's all in motion wrecking holes? *swoon* His growls are the stuff of orgasms. This sex god fingers, rims, makes out, sucks cock and nipples, fucks, creampies, licks up cum, and felches. Also his ass looks beautiful as he's stretched out on the couch rimming Dolf. Scene MVP


  • Dietrich brings the thunder as a hungry pig bottom, taking Rocco to the hilt. It's mind numbingly hot watching him react, moan, and even spasm with intensity as he sits all the way down on that amazing fuckstick. The close ups of him impaling himself, spreading his cheeks, and playing with his blown out hole are stellar!
  • The camerawork and editing in this clip is some of the best I've seen over at Lucas. The takes are long and sustained, and at last, the camera operator and clip editor know about scene momentum, i.e when to focus on the models' faces and reactions, and when to go in close for penetration shots.
  • The chemistry is palpable and thick between these Rocco and Dolf – you'll see them make a lot of eye contact, make out like fiends, and just grope each other like it's going out of style. There's even a really hot "consenting" moment where Dolf acclimates to taking Rocco's full size, then nods consent for Rocco to open him up more. Heck, they even giggle and smile to each other after Dolf gags hard on Rocco after an epic ATM. INTIMATE and steamy!


  • "Rocco the Destroyer" does make a short appearance at the end as he fucks faster and harder in the final missionary position, and Rocco's cumshot has distance and volume (more than I've seen him deliver in past scenes).

What's not good:

  • The Audio – at times we get to hear annoying NYC traffic noises, honking, and even sirens. It's distracting. Although I really did love the choice coincidence of hearing a car horn go off in the background just as Dolf sits all the way down on Rocco (!)
  • Camera work could be less shaky, and the rack focusing (zooming in and then zooming out) needs some finesse so it's not so jarring.
  • I know they're relatively new to Lucas Entertainment, but both Dolf and Rocco's eyelines distractingly cheat off to the side in obvious points in the scene as if they are taking direction or watching a monitor.
  • HD is not really good to Dolf in this scene. There are a lot of breakouts on his butt (also look quick or you'll miss weird brown streaks on his underwear in the beginning), his cock seems unusually red and rubbed raw on its right side, and was it me? or is his butt rippling weirdly in the first fucking portion as he sits slowly down on Steele?
  • Also is Rocco wearing makeup? Because it seems really really heavy early on in the scene – There's a HUGE contrast between the red tones on his neck and around his hairline. Minute 14:59 it looks particularly heavy.
  • It takes for-evah for Dolf to ramp up and shoot his load, and when he does, thimbles full. Wah wah.


Hottest Moments:

  • Minute 21:51 – Rocco licks and stuff two of his oversized fingers inside Dolf, and appropriately Dolf backs his hole up onto those digits repeatedly.
  • 25:33 and beyond – Dolf sits all the way down on Rocco and you can visibly see the tops of his butt cheeks shake, vibrate, and quiver (I guarantee Rocco's cock was breaking through the RS junction).
  • Sometimes reality porn is TOO REAL: at 27:48, Rocco pulls out of Dolf, who proceeds to wipe the top of Rocco's cock and then at top of frame appears to be discreetly checking whether the lube is…."tainted". And "debris" does make a brief appearance (though I'll leave it to you to watch out for it).
  • 29:10 – an EPIC and unbroken ATM
  • Minute 32:31….you can see visible precum dripping out of Dolf's cock and as he jerks it in the following seconds.
  • POP goes the Rocco – Listen at 32:56 when Rocco pulls out of Dolf, there is a loud audible pop noise.
  • 34:53 Dolf's cock does the HELICOPTER as he's bouncing up and down.
  • After Rocco's cumshot and creampie….watch as he licks his cum off the couch, Dolf's body, and his hole with a little felching. MARRY ME, ROCCO!


NOTE: The actual sex scene doesn't start until 9:50 because of a quite enlightening pre-scene interview where the two discuss everything from what they love about porn (travel, filming, interacting with fans) and what they hate (the haters and negative comments) to Rocco talking about his previous scene work with Lucas to Dolf discussing how he loves fitness and invites all his fans to ask him anything.