18 thoughts on “The model in Blake of SC (tip @ Defiant)

    I SAY YES!
    I SAY OUI!
    I SAY JA!
    I SAY JES!
    I SAY YA!
    I SAY DA!
    What about you Denz?

  2. He seems like a great guy from those SC vids. I don’t see it for him as a model though he’s very cute.

  3. ALWAYS NICE,..to see Porn-Stars diversifying their talents to include Modeling for main-stream media.
    Model Mayhem is well know for recruiting and referring “STUDS” to the Adult Industry…. and I wish BLAKE all the success in his competitive journey.
    Thanks Defiant for sharing your TIP. 🙂 🙂

  4. I LOVE Blake. He really is a handsome man and seems genuinely nice while enjoying his job…unlike many porn models. He doesn’t get enough credit from the SC fans though…he’s too fem and not buff enough for them.

  5. He was regularly broadcasting on Streamate a year ago or so, with his girlfriend/fiance. They haven’t been on since though…wonder why they stopped.

  6. Wow – I’m genuinly suprised at that. Sean Cody usually forbid that kind of thing plus I really thought he was gay. Perhaps it is true after all that they are mostly straight – whatever they are life must be pretty crazy for these guys with so many images all over the place showing themselves being so intimate with lots of men ! There sure is a lot of understanding women out there !

  7. Or clueless women. First found out Dusty was straight and then Blake. Now, I see the SC deliberately trys to deceive us in convincing us they like it, that they are gay or bi.
    I’m done with them. Graham’s probably gay too. I bet it’s all an act.
    I hope Men.com owners drive SC into the ground, fucking liars!

  8. Blake is cock hungry slut and that’s bloody great.
    They are all ‘Models’ are they LOL. Mate forget the modelling get back to you belong getting fucked hard at Sean Cody. You are a star there.
    Also girlfriend do me favour this guy loves dick..

  9. I find that really really shocking that Blake is with a woman in real life. I genuinely thought he was gay.

  10. In his solo interview jack off on the SC site, he talks about having sex with girls.

  11. I will keep coming back as long as they keep inviting me. 😉 as for my sexuality everyone seems so curious about, I (like most people) am a dynamic and constantly evolving individual. Before SC I has experimented with guys out of curiosity and had actually decided it wasn’t for me, but since getting into the industry I have had the opportunity to realize sexuality (for me at least) is not so simple as gay/straight, but for all of you black/white folks out there if I had to choose a label to wear I would say bisexual. For me I don’t find the male physique attractive in a sexual manner, if I look at a ripped muscular guy I don’t get turned on- I get jealous and want to go workout. But, I will admit in all honesty I have a bit of a dick obsession. Looking at an erect (especially large) dick does something for me. Ask a psychologist why because I don’t know exactly. And as for my performances being “too real” to not be gay, I say what is gay about enjoying the physical sensation of having your prostate and kegal muscles stimulated. That is just biology and I don’t think that it is fair to say that only gay guys can enjoy that amazing part of the male anatomy! Hope that clears some stuff up for everyone who was curious, and if anyone ever has any questions or comments please feel free to message me on Instagram #JoelSwanner1 🙂

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