Corbin Fisher’s “Evan Pounds Quinn” by Alias74

Corbin Fisher: Evan Pounds Quinn (June 24, 2017, 19:28 minutes)


WOW… Corbin Fisher has the makings of a superstar on their hands in Evan. He may break the CF aesthetic (he’s more “Chaos-Broke” with his skater looks, long hair, and ear spacers), but in terms of pure porn performance, he’s clearly the Nascar of pro-am models. Evan pounds and splits Quinn open within an inch of his life. Ultimately, the scene loses points for repetitive (read: snooze-worthy) editing and photography, and yes, at points, it feels perfunctory and somewhat lifeless. But watch and you’ll see moments of electric chemistry – the eye contact, the kissing, the dirty sex talk – and as I stated, Evan is fuck machine of the first order. Catch the sparks!

(Marginally) WANK WORTHY

I’m a sucker for Evan’s alt-dude vibe and those hot steel grey-blue eyes. The spacers, his soft not overly cut body, Evan’s charms go well beyond his tattoo free bod (!) and huge thick cock. I don’t this kid’s story, but he’s already done straight and gay clips for CF and even bottomed in a bi-sex three-way that featured the woman getting double penetrated. Evan’s true gift? He can fuck like there’s no tomorrow (note the aggressive, no-holds-barred fucking, choking, and his ever so slightly serial killer-esque way he whispers in his deep voice to Quinn at the end of the clip “you made me cum so hard”). More please….preferably a gay three-way this time.


I don’t think there really is anything to say about Scene MVP Quinn that hasn’t already been said. The dude is a pro, and if there were ever any Corbie who could easily flit back and forth from studio work…say at CockyBoys or Falcon…to more raw work….Treasure Island Media, Tim Tales, Bromo…it would definitely be Quinn. As far as I can tell, the only limit Quinn seems to have is being double penetrated. Nonetheless, raise a glass for this power bottom stud!


What Worked

  • Evan’s dominant top performance – from controlling the situation to eye contact, light choking; this cat pwned Quinn’s ass and mouth.
  • Don’t cry for Quinn – he gladly gets the face-fucking of his life, complete with tear inducing, full body gags/chokes on Evan’s anteater tool.
  • Quinn is the slut you want in the sheets. Well done, power bottom, sir!


  • Bonus? Watch for all the delicious tongue kissing and eye contact during the fucking (especially when they sword fight and make out standing up) #Electric
  • Check out Evan’s continued orgasmic body spasms even after he’s glazed Quinn’s bottomless gape and creampied him. *swoon*


What Didn’t Work

  • Evan has yucky dry, crusted feet (Thank God they didn’t linger too long on that).
  • No slow insert shot to start the fucking – we fade into it already in progress (CF has been doing this a lot….Wood probs?)
  • Early portion doesn’t show off the penetration all that great – starts to feel like soft core porn squaking.
  • Editing and framing are totally off – Way too many edits; repetitive angle switching; just as portions get hot, there’s a transition; WTF with this angle?


  • Overlit the performers from underneath for the majority of the video (it’s possible they did 360 lighting based on how good the two were fucking).
  • Complete missed opportunity to have the dudes flip fuck or at least have Evan suck or rim Quinn.
  • HD is NOT kind – Evan has weird and odd scars / cuts on his body, He’s a SWEATER; Closeups reveal stretch marks on Quinn’s phat booty.


Hottest Moments

  • The entire oral section when Quinn gags, chokes, cries, deep throats, and gets the face-fucking of his life from Evan.


  • Evan Powerfucks Quinn (11:14 – 13:20) – Over several edits, Evan and Quinn exchange dirty talk (“You’re hitting my spot”) as Evan pounds Quinn’s ass. Watch at 11:22 as the camera pans to get a better view of the pounding. Evan grabs Quinn’s waist and just wails on that hole, sweating as Quinn visibly drips precum. Hot, slappy, hand-printy fun!


  • Quinn Cowboy….RIDE ‘EM! (15:00 – 16:45) Check the eye contact as this best segment starts, Quinn riding Evan. The next edits feature Evan powerfucking up into Quinn, rippling that phat ass and making Quinn’s rock hard chubby bounce and thump. Even from behind you can see Quinn’s cock, proud and tall.



  • SplatterShot – Starting at 17:25, Evan plows Quinn in missionary, managing the multi-task of pounding and jacking Quinn at the same time. At 17:43, Quinn says he’s gonna cum and just splatters EVERYWHERE! Yaaaaasssssssssss!


  • AWESOME OR NOT? – Maybe these two were destined to fuck….they have matching moles in EXACTLY the same place!


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