Aliases of Gunnar Stone (tips @ metafile & Robert)

Last month, he had three scenes released in gay porn under different names.

Gunnar at The Guy Site


Gavin W at My Friend’s Feet



Gavin Carter at Bad Puppy



On Twitter, he is known as Gunnar Stone.

A comment from GunnarNot sure why I’m being criticized for doing solo porn for my gay fans and doing straight porn for my striaght women fans. I’m doing to try and please both sides, not to be disrespectful. I’m not gay, but i still appreciate my gay fan base. I love all my fans. So i do scenes for both. You people are cruel honestly. Sorry i try to make everyone happy. It’s ok, there are plenty of other gay men who appreciate my work and know I’m a good person. Carry on.

As for his porn name “I had been dancing for 2 years before I started porn under the name Gavin Carter so that’s what I shot my first few scenes under. After filming for Thunders Arena and given the name “Gunnar” it put me on a large platform. So rather than having both names I just used the name Gunnar and needed a last name so just came up with Stone.


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