Craig Marks, Tyler Castle, Ronan Levine, Marquis & Steve Jouret

Craig Marks, who started as the bottom at English Lads & currently leading in a poll for your favorite model, with his first scene at Lucas Entertainment as the top in a threesome with Tomas Brand & Valentin Amour.

Tyler Castle with first scene at See Him Solo and now with his 3rd scene at Kink Men.

Ronan Levine with his casting scene released in 2018 and now his first scene at Fresh Men with Rhys Jagger as his top.

Marquis as the latest blue collar worker with a big dick for the owner of Beefcake Hunter.

Steve Jouret as the top & bottom in a threesome with David Linset & John Brachalli at Men At Play.

5 thoughts on “Craig Marks, Tyler Castle, Ronan Levine, Marquis & Steve Jouret

  1. Since you mentioned the site See Him Solo, I noticed that Damien White is their latest addition. Since all of their guys only (?) do straight porn, I wonder if that means that Damien has given up on gay porn and gone straight. Damien always had problems getting hard and keeping it up in gay porn. It will be interesting to see if he finally gets pussy.

    1. Damien had a really bad stories clip saying it was a mistake to do gay porn and now that he’s signed to Hussie models for straight porn he’s “upgraded” now fucking the most beautiful women in the world.

      1. He really should have been honest and said that it wasn’t a mistake, it was a simple business financial decision since it paid more, but he didn’t like it so he couldn’t get it up and stay hard. Now he’ll have to prove that he really can get it up and stay hard at least when fucking pussy. If he can’t, it will show that it wasn’t the gay aspect of sex that was causing his problems, he’s just a dud and not a stud.

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