A former director and camera man of Sean Cody created the KadenDane.com in 2014 that included some models from Sean Cody.

Nothing happened in 2015 & 2016.

By 2017, their last tweet was a photo of Ollie of Sean Cody (aka Rix).

The site is now for sale for 5k.


4 thoughts on “KadenDane.com is for sale.

  1. Unsure why KadenDane.com is being sold for any amount of money. Owning that domain is of no use to anyone outside of the gay porn industry. Even within the industry, it holds no value unless rights to the brand and all content were included. Then for whatever wacky reason someone could revive the site.
    Though creating a unique brand is the most practical option.

  2. I will make you a deal.. I will pay no money. BUT, I will give you a half a pack of Certs, an old Duncan Yo Yo that has no string, and 1 half dead non egg producing chicken …
    This deal is off the table at the end of business tomorrow..

  3. So they sold Sean Cody just to make another also named out of a frat boy and left it for dead¿

  4. Shame, I really had thought I would get to see Ollie get fucked good in his ass. He was amazing at SeanCody.

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