20 thoughts on “Max London passed away this month

  1. Looks like after he left porn he had a couple of children before becoming a born again Christian. I hope that he had some happiness while he was on this planet and I’m a little sad that his children will grow up without their father.

    1. That is a lovely thought.

      No matter what might have happened in his life, he has died extremely young and left a family with two very young children behind, and that is awful – his parents must be devastated as well, because no one expects to bury their sons and daughters.

      I wonder whether COVID has had something to do with it, but nonetheless, it is a sad situation indeed.

      1. He was one of the last of those models during that G4P era of the 00s in the industry(SC golden era is the exception).

        No knock against him. But I do wonder what he died from. Obviously not porn related since he’s been gone for years and there’s no indication that he dipped back in using OnlyFans or another.

        1. According to the link below, he was just found dead in his truck… God knows.


        2. I’ve read on another site that he was found dead in his truck, so who knows? It appears that it was something both sudden and completely unexpected.

          And yes, I know that I lead a pathetic existence *

  2. I was so into him when he returned. Such an amazing cock sucker. I was disappointed that he only filmed two bareback scenes. He wore a mask in one and the other was an annoying gangbang.

    1. I was so glad when he bottomed on Str8Chaser. Been wanting to see that since his Randy Blue days.

      1. I watched that scene and he kept talking about his virgin ass when it was gaping. Even Paul Wagner cracked up at every mention. So was he into monster toys or monster cock?

        1. When we laugh at another person, it is certain that Karma comes. Now it’s Paul Wagner trying to get a forced comeback with a tired face. We reap what we plant.

  3. I actually knew him, but this was years ago. He was a really nice guy, very troubled…and then he ghosted. I never knew what happened to him, but he genuinely was a nice guy, who made some mistakes and kept making them, but he tried his best. RIP and I really hope his kids will be okay.

  4. I actually met him and got his autograph a couple of years ago. He was so wanting to put his porn past behind him. Very handsome and sexy in person. But seemed troubled by some of the choices he had made in life. I hope he finds the peace he was seeking. RIP

  5. I actually had him on Facebook awhile back, he seemed to be trying to do his best as a single father. His wife left him and he was clearly a troubled man I just feel terrible for his kids. Hope he is at peace now.

  6. Never knew him outside porn but he’s one of my faves in Randyblue. I love his smile and he has a great personality. I often fantasize riding him. RIP daddy Max πŸ™

  7. RIP… I loved him in his video for Reality Dudes… his hole make my mouth water and the stretch of it during the penetration was awesome!

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