Gabriel, Roxas Caelum & Ethan Quinn

Gabriel (waiter, 23 years old, 5’10”, 200 lbs. with a 6.5″ dick) first had 2 oral scenes at Beefcake Hunter, one in 2018 and the other one last month. It’s now time for him to fuck the owner of the site.

Roxas Caelum (6’2″, 196 lbs. with a 12″ cock) has done scenes as the top this year. His latest is at Tim Tales where the 5’6 Valentino Sistor was his bottom.

Ethan Quinn (22 years old, 6’0″, 132 lbs’ with a 7″ uncut cock) is the latest addition at Boy Fun with his first scene as the bottom to Jamie Kelvin.

9 thoughts on “Gabriel, Roxas Caelum & Ethan Quinn

  1. WOW, Beefcake Hunter and TimTales the picking look slim. Just pathetic. Gabriel with his pot belly and terrorist beard fucking the ugly owner of that site, How in Hell could Anyone get hard for this shit?
    TimTales guys… just ragged looking.
    Thank God for BoyFun to save the day with somewhat cute guys who look a “little” interested.

      1. OH You are right “Xc” I am so sorry. How could I be so insensitive to TERRORISTS as to make fun of a beard that they all wear just before blowing up a building.
        You are right. I am so ashamed…… 1,000 pardons

          1. Xc, people don’t recognize when they look stupid on this site. This space is for all your most toxic thoughts.

            Like those two golden haired boys at boyfun are fulfilling all the closet gay Nazi fantasies right now.

  2. Crusty Thong is living his fantasy on camera. Jake Cruise used to do it too and I know that people still slag him off to this day, but Jake was far better looking and his guys were often stunning. David Taylor aka Greg Duke especially, but also Bo Dean and the list goes on. CT just hires roadside trash and seriously…does he ever wash that thing?

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