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  1. I may be remembering incorrectly…but didn’t pre-transition Logan Vaughn present himself as gay for pay, even while bottoming predominantly in his scenes?

    1. You can be straight and like to bottom. Hitting the prostate and loving it doesn’t make you gay.

      But yes, when he left gay porn he even got married and had children. Was a personal trainer and seemed to be a right-wing nutbag, so it’s definitely been a life for her.

      1. Saying someone can be straight and likes to bottom sounds like an oxymoron considering that top and bottom is gay terminology.

        What is up with you new class of gays who have embraced this delusion that straight men can take dick and not be gay? I don’t recall this force to get us to accept so 10 or so years ago. Did all the years of bitching about g4p sully your brains? Are you some young gen x person all about respectability politics? And why do I feel like you all do this because you have some type of obsession with seeing straight men in gay roles?

        1. I think the next that a real straight man experiment about the said gay sex ( anal sex ) is when he makes a floater, an ugly piece…

    1. It is strange for a straight married father, who also did gay porn and escorted I believe. If They really were trans all this time, then I suppose the homophobia and out and proud branding of being gay4pay makes sense, because They (and please excuse me for stopping using these pronouns now) were in the closet :-/

      I haven’t looked at his Twitter, so I don’t know if he’s had breast implants etc, but he clearly still has his genitals. Is he still married though, is still a family man…at the moment, he looks more like a transvestite, without even the attempt to look feminine. Maybe he’s on hormones, but he should also take some makeup tips from a YouTube video.

      Muggy, you might be right, because this comes across as more like a fetish and I’m NOT saying that anyone transitioning has a mental illness, but in Logan’s case and with the family, gay4pay and verbalism; I just hope he’s had counselling before embarking on this.

      1. Most ‘Trans Lesbians’ are fetishists. They typically don’t have much gender non-conformity in their early childhood, and they have developed a sexual fetish related to dressing as a woman, which is where the claim of being transgender comes from.

  2. I sincerely hope the guy who transitioned kept his penis. I remember watching a documentary on YouTube about trans people. For MTF if they lose the penis they lose sexual feeling. In the documentary the trans people interviewed said they regret transitioning. It is so sad that this trans nonsense is glorified by the media and society. These people are mentally ill they suffer from gender dysphoria. And like Meghan Murphy and Germaine Greer correctly say a man can NEVER become woman.

    1. It’s funny that on a gay site you claim somone is “mentally ill” for being trans, not so long ago we gay, bi men were considered mentally ill, educate yourself.

      1. Regardless of what you would prefer to believe, there are actual mental illnesses. Being attracted to men or women isn’t a mental disorder. Body dysmorphia is. Removing your penis and inverting it into a vagina, growing breasts or assuming the visual appearance of another gender or race because of a fixation doesn’t suggest mental fortitude.

  3. David Skylar is just putting a false front on what he does and has no reasoning to compare himself with products bought on the common market. At least when someone goes into Starbucks they know what they are getting at the time and not thinking about what they might be getting. Someone can return it if it is not what they ordered. When someone is posting things on their OF page the person that owns the page is just lying so they can get money for what they are doing. If you are not gay then why have an OF page or be in gay porn HELLO there is straight porn. This is what a lot of g4p actors try to make an excuse for doing what they are doing. If he is getting hate mail then he needs to deal with it and quit getting mad and throwing a temper tantrum like a child. If you are in this business own up to everything and live with it or just leave the business altogether. QUIT BEING A DRAMA QUEEN.

    1. It’s nothing to see. A lot of them LOVE the drama and they get off on the attention. “Omg, they’re giving me shit cause I’m Gay for Pay” let me piss them off some more by making myself a victim. I hate even hate these people anymore cause I don’t even pay for porn.

    2. DON’T WORRY david skylar …….. It will only be a VERY short time and NOBODY will ask you anything or talk to you or want any video from you. As I look at the clock, your 15 minutes are down to maybe – 20 sconds….POOF!

      1. It’s kinda hard to do this when MindGeek spams THERE’S PUSSY ON ads everywhere when they release a FtM scene, isn’t it?

        Yes, the most gay thing there is: a penis penetrating a vagina.

        How lovely…

  4. Steve Cruz – maybe that was a “nice” way for the guy to say he just wasn’t into u!

    Dolf – stay off social media, PLEASE!

    Fitch – poly = not wanting to be in a relationship. Just be single and have f-buddies 🙁

    Finn – beyond beautiful

    Beau – watch the snacks they are obviously not your friend.

    Skyy – hate the fem voice and over plucked and waxed body. Seems very needy for attention!

    Logan – why? Was a sexy guy!

  5. Biological son, or is this the latest boyfriend? Or both?

    Cliff, I’m guessing you’re still not mixing it up in a scene?

    Diesel…you’ve priced yourself out of the market there.

    And Logan…I’m guessing this makes you a lesbian, because you were never gay, but someone please show They how to apply They makeup better than that!

  6. Dolf, Logan and Pierre : It’s not that your lives are in the botton of the barrel, but for you, guys the “barrel” never had a botton to begin with Isn’t it? Talking about a downward spiral of fuckery presented as normalcy.

    1. Only a desperate and very stupid person to want to hire this FUGLY guy. Not even a paper bag would improve Diesel Washington. The guy is really FUGLY.

      1. Diesel Washington is in his mid 40s his cock is average size he is average looking. I don’t see the appeal? The man complains about gay porn yet keeps his porn name. He gets angry at anyone who disagrees with him. The man is a toxic drama queen. Just awful ???

    2. He’s so dumb. Washington has basically just tweeted to the world that his career is dead. A studio paying $800 is basically a nothing offer that they know he’ll reject.

  7. Christian Sam, Billy Essex: Congratulations to them! Conscious people.
    Dakota Lovell: Sweet and cute boy. Glad he’s happy with his boyfriend!
    Beau Butler: Gorgeous and with a perfect body; considerate of fans. Great to see more diversity in bodies! Down with the dictatorship of thinness!
    Skyy Knox: Talented. Not all Pornstars can dance. His voice is perfect. As a community, we gays should welcome more and judge less. We are already victims of prejudice on a daily basis and this prejudice against effeminates within the community has to end.
    David Skylar: I’m against hate for him. Despite the comments that, to me, sound wrong, I see him as a good, sensitive and even sweet person. I don’t see real meanness in him, but someone who maybe didn’t understand exactly how things work. He didn’t lie when he said we all got to make a living and sex workers are treated like they have to produce content for free. It is quite common to belittle work of sex workers; people pay high for minimal, careless content from certain artists, but find sex workers content expensive, something they pay their bills with. I totally agree he needs to learn to deal with criticism, but I’m against hate directed at him. There are Pornstars who are really rude, arrogant, deeply shady and some even mocking in their comments; in these I see real evil. For those, despite not agreeing with hate, I even understand what triggered such a reaction in people. With David Skylar, however, I see only one person with wrong perceptions and, therefore, I am against hate towards him.

    1. Skyy Knox is a good looking man but my goodness he needs to see a doctor. I am serious the huge gape in his anus is not a good look.

  8. No comments about Ryan Jordan’s date with a woman? That’s the saddest tweet right there. I so wish he was gay.

    1. I had no idea he was G4P either.

      He was one of the few reasons I bother to watch the occasional ND scene….

  9. Who really cares if Ryan Jordan is going on a date with a female. He’s not even that good looking and he isn’t even aging well the only thing he really has going for him is that he is well endowed.

  10. Nobody captures the beauty of the sculpted male physique better thah Mark Henderson. Check out those two awesome photos of Finn Harding posted above.

  11. They love to use our realm of porn and our pockets for gain and clout. Ryan Jordan is another example and sad case. You know he hated letting us know it was a woman he’s dating. He probably was sweating his lame ass off when the question was asked but despite some criticisms, his little flunkies ran to his rescue and excused it all for him.

    So fucking sick of these guys performing homosexual acts and knowing damn well that their fan base is made of gay men yet they want to announce and rub our faces about their heterosexual and heteronormative behaviors and desires. He’s done in my book. I don’t give a damn about the size of his junk or his performances. He’s just using the gay dollar. Period.

    Kudos to Billy and Cristian helping fight this monster that’s ruined so many lives.

    Cliff looks rough. Dolf is just puzzling.

    Pierre better be careful. These porn throuples can be a dangerous game. Hope it’s not as creepy as that Nick/Clark Fitt throuple with the trans male performer. I forgot the name. Ugh.

    Some of the most weird ass performers in that Andy Star pic and David please STFU ASAP.

  12. Eww… Logan still looks like a guy. They should make an effort to look like the gender they identify as. It’s kinda like Kuper Ryan. They suddenly said they’re trans, but other than putting on makeup and a wig, they haven’t make an effort to transition.

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