Jan Blatnik, Jack Hunter & Max Lorde

Jan Blatnik as Jamie Kelvin first had a scene as the top to Ethan Quinn at Boy Fun. It was followed the next day by his scene as the the bottom to Adrian Serdar at William Higgins.

Jack Hunter was fucked by the 8″ cock of Nick Capra at Disruptive Films [gallery]. It was followed the next day by his serviced video at Chaos Men where he sucked the 9.5″ cock of Pierce Paris.

Max Lorde with a back [gallery] to back [gallery] scene as the bottom to Max Konnor then Colton Reece at Falcon Studios.

4 thoughts on “Jan Blatnik, Jack Hunter & Max Lorde

  1. Oh, great another scene with Pierce “ED” Paris, another scene of big ole floppy dick getting sucked and not getting hard again. He just needs to give it up go live in his house in LV and get a normal job where he doesn’t have a problem having to get hard and and leave his soft cock in his pants and around his house. I feel sorry for the people that subscribe to his OF or J4F whichever it is and paying to see him stay soft. Man there are many guys in gay porn that are as big as him or bigger that don’t have ED like he does. How sad is this.

  2. Jack Hunter: While the scene with Pierce Paris is totally uninteresting, it’s still better than the sinister scene promoted by Disruptive Films, which apparently finds interesting to capitalize on such heinous subjects as sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual blackmail and other despicable subjects. Apparently, if one wants to feel disturbed and not sexually aroused, just watch the scenes of this bizarre studio.
    Max Lorde: Just for not being a scene with Max Konnor in the role of domineering Total Top, his scene with Colton Reece already surpasses his scene with Konnor, even because it´s to get sleepy watching Konnor repeat this character to exhaustion. He should start making scenes as Bottom or Versatile to bring at least something new to the audience.

  3. Jack Hunter or Max Lorde swallowing anyone’s cum is good enough for me. Jan ID’s as gay in Higgins Erotic Solo.

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