The latest from Disruptive Films is Young Again [gallery] with Michael Del Ray (as the young Chi Chi LaRue) & Ricky Larkin.

Mitch (Chi Chi LaRue) has a crush on his hot, young across-the-hall neighbor Jordan (Ricky Larkin). Mitch is so smitten with Jordan that his behavior teeters on stalking the younger man. One night, after an awkward encounter with Jordan, Mitch has dark self-harm thoughts. Instead of taking his life, he opens a box of crystals that his sister gave him, reads her inspirational note, and holds the crystals in his hands, wishing that he was young again. Mitch goes to bed and wakes up feeling better than he has in a while. He has more pep in his step and when he catches a glimpse at himself in the mirror, he realizes why. Mitch is himself…but significantly younger (Michael Del Ray). Deciding to take as much advantage of the situation as he can, Mitch makes a play for Jordan. It doesn't take much for young Mitch to get Jordan into bed. They promise they'll hook up the next day, but that ends up not happening. When Mitch wakes up the next morning, he's back to his older self. We don't know if the hookup ever happened or if it was a dream.

18 thoughts on “Young Again

  1. Hot pairing, but their films released so far have been very bad morality tales with some horrific endings that kills off the fantasy that the porn creates. Hopefully this won’t take that same route.

  2. i can’t watch a movie with larkin in it – he’s an ass, he’s rude, he mocks on gays, he’s gross

    1. Very rude, ironically he’s got very homophobic rhetoric, and racist as fuck. I still don’t understand why these guys get free passes from other performers and studios. This pairing is awful but let’s face it, this studio is awful. They’re focusing on fucked up narratives just to have some sort of relevance.

      Like Noir Male, this will be short lived.

      1. Oh Reg only a longtime Reg comment reader would’ve knew you were being sarcastic. Ha! As soon as I read the comment I started laughing.

  3. The best thing about this preview are the grey sheets. Though, they cannot camouflage the extensive photos of Larkin on the walls. Sadly, ubiquitous, tired performers in a yawn of an overused (age shaming) premise. I don’t find being a young Michael DR fucking with Larkin (and all his art reminding us of his image in the room) aspirational or hot.

  4. Chi Chi NEVER looked like Michael del Rey in his youth.

    So let’s see, an overused twunk, a racist fuck, and a laughably ridiculous plot. Soft flabby dick-shrinking pass.

  5. ? I can’t stand Ricky Larkin! Homophobic, Gay-For-Pay asshole! Chi-Chi’s reputation isn’t much better and Michael Delray will have sex with just about anyone. I actually used to like Michael, but the more he ventured away from gay porn, the less I wanted to see of him. And this studio isn’t all that original in content. I saw a clip of Guys Talk, I think it’s called and Roman Todd says the word faggot with such venom and laced with hate, you believe he’s homophobic. I’m sick of this from porn stars! Either shut up and be a porn model or don’t and be as big a homophobe as you want.

    1. Yeah that had me fuming too. I don’t like the undertones that are simmering in gay porn nowadays, specifically with a studio like this. Blurred lines can make things tricky. It paints over the bigotry lines with sex.

      Like remember Thug Hunter. That shit was so racist in its undertones and you thought wow. I was one of the ones who hated that garbage back then. Fast forward seven years later and the same studio came out with some Patrol themed porn with Latin and black actors being brutalized by police.

      What happened to gay porn being about the moment of two guys and sex on film? Nowadays to make up for terrible performers they insert all of these classless gimmicks.

      For the record, I stopped liking Michael when he allegedly acknowledged letting Mr.Pam give him a blowjob after an awards ceremony. That killed it for me. Then all of the sudden he started fucking anything that could say hello.

  6. wow – Disruptive Films show an older gay man as fast food hoarder alone in an unkept apartment watching TV? Shame on you Mr. Pam and ChiChiLaRue! Curious as to the demographic that buys subscriptions to the site (and who you’re targeting.) As a man north of 50 (who doesn’t live or look a think like the portrayal here), I’m definitiely not going to be subscribing to the age shaming VOD. There are better sites that offer more inspiring images than the insensitve material shown here. Porn should excite, not demoralize, the viewers, IMO.

  7. Do we hate Ricky Larkin and Michael Del Ray? I can’t keep up with y’all and your hatred.

    I don’t care what they do or say in their personal lives. I only care whether they’re good performers or not, and they were fairly good in this scene. Really hot pairing.

  8. Dumb plot with overexposed, ugly performers. There aren’t enough vodka shots on earth to make Del Ray or Larkin attractive.

  9. How “disruptive” are they if they just trot out the same overused guys. Do something unique and hire NEW guys. In 2021 that would be disruptive. All of these sites are interchangeable, no need to sub to more than one, if even that many.

  10. Disruptive? That bizarre studio? Michael DelRay, the arrogant Diva? Ricky Larkin, master of rudeness? And a pathetic plot that reinforces Age Shaming? No thank you! There is already enough garbage in the world.

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