6 thoughts on “John Thomas & Kurtis Wolfe

  1. Wherever John Thomas was, I have no doubt that he remained in close anal proximity with big dicks.

    I am disappointed that RFC is the platform that Kurtis Wolfe is coming back to gay porn on, but hey, I’ll take what I can from the superior gay porn Wolf.

    1. Kurtis does deserve better. I am surprised he’s back though, at least any other way than just OnlyFans. He’s been escorting solidly since he retired from websites and there was a LOT of controversy about him asking for massive down payments and after charges when he escorted…I’m not sure how that ended, but maybe the clients dried-up and he’s turning back to porn for the bucks.

      1. Oh, I didn’t know about this escorting drama. That seems more suited to that overhyped narcissist Austin Wolf.

        I also thought Kurtis could have had a successful OnlyFans.

  2. Denz, the scene with Kurtis Wolfe barebacked by Tyler Roberts isn’t homemade. It’s an original by Raw Fuck Club released on the main channel.

    So good to see Kurtis Wolfe back and on the receiving end of a deep fucking.

  3. Thomas is looking fine as fuck! He’s definitely been eating his Wheeties. (i.e. trenbolone.) It’s working for him. Though prince alberts are massively unappealing. Besides being disgusting, having to deal with a chipped tooth at 1am is never sexy.

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