8 thoughts on “Jeremiah (2015) of Sean Cody is back with his first fuck scene

  1. He has changed a LOT. It’s nice to see him back looking that good, but it always makes me wonder what he’s been doing in the seven year hiatus. Does anyone know?

  2. Ah, but the scene was a let-down. He didn’t kiss, didn’t suck, didn’t eat Kyle’s ass…he fucked him, but had to hold his cock by the root pretty much all of the time, I’m assuming because he couldn’t stay hard :-/

    He’s going to have to step his pussy up if he’s really trying to make a great, or even any kind of return.

    1. And at the beginning of the video, Kyle goes to kiss Jeremiah and he physically recoils. It was very Cody Cummings reminiscent.

  3. Maybe he will be like Paddy O’Brien and have a transformation over time… but personally, I don’t really care. I think he looks mostly the same he did in the past, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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