Lance Hart, Taylor Reign, Dillon Diaz, Derek Shaw, Diesel Washington, Jonah Wheeler, Ben Masters, Vin Roxx, Quin Quire & Brock Banks

From Lance of Sean Cody to Link to Lance Hart and now Lucy Hart.


My real name is _____ and I am a paranormal investigator.

11 thoughts on “Lance Hart, Taylor Reign, Dillon Diaz, Derek Shaw, Diesel Washington, Jonah Wheeler, Ben Masters, Vin Roxx, Quin Quire & Brock Banks

  1. “The following media includes potentially sensitive content.” Depending on my mood this is either annoying because everything is “sensitive content”, or fun because you never know if you’ll get Taylor Reign in a Spiderman outfit or Jonah Wheeler spreading his ass checks with one foot up on a ladder.
    Lucy Hart – Appreciate letting us know how to refer to you.
    Jake Waters is 41 years old? The hell…?
    Derek Shaw – Shouldn’t have done it, but was curious and read replies to Derek Shaw’s tweet about him flushing all his medications. Some asshole replied “we love a manic episode. Sometimes that leads to better things in life” Man, fuck you!
    Diesel Washington – Reading his tweets about the current state of porn. We’ve all had the same thoughts and observations. Now waiting for people to disagree because it came from him.
    Jonah Wheeler – Tell the photographer I said that’s a powerful rim light. Huh? Get it? Because of your ass in the photo? … … … I’ll see myself out.

  2. Vin Roxx is insane! And Quin Qure is virtue signaling. Is he really going to post shit like that after his very public attitude towards COVID and those that are affected by it to this day?

  3. Maybe the first time I can say this…
    Nobody in all the above tweets interests me at all. I have never jacked it to any of them.
    I guess I am getting out of touch with today’s “stars” but wow..
    So instead of saying anything nasty I will just say – Ben Masters, you look cute.
    Over and Out.

  4. When I looked at the headline, the ones I was interested in were Lance Hart, Taylor Reign, Jonah Wheeler and Quin Quire; the others I either don’t know or, no shade, I’m just not interested in.

    As for Lance, now Lucy, I want to be open-minded, but I was not expecting this. As Lance, omg, he was so so handsome and only got better looking as he matured and filled out.

    I’m not on Twitter, so I can no longer see the tweets, but Taylor Reign, my god, what a cute, hot guy. Have loved many of his scenes.

    Jonah Wheeler, an enthusiastic pig who is one of maybe a handful doing exactly what he’s meant to be doing: having sex in front of a camera. Top, bottom, whatever he’s doing, whoever he’s with, he’s a good time.

    Quin Quire: All I know about him is he is good versatile fun, as far as watching, and that’s good enough for me.

  5. What’s the difference between a paranormal investigator and a scamvangelist? Nothing. They are both making a living selling nonsense to the gullible.

    1. Being open minded is fine but being so open minded that your brain falls out is never good. “Lucy” is a straight/bi man with autogynephilia. That’s why it seems so out of left field. He isn’t a traditional trans woman. For instance, there is no reason to believe he had any real gender non-conformity in his early childhood like most traditional trans women do. In fact, there is nothing remotely fem/effeminate about him in terms of his mannerism/voice etc. He transitioned due to a fetish basically.

      Straight and bi men with autophynephilia now actually make up the majority of trans women, but we’re not allowed to talk about it without being labeled haters.

  6. Lance Hart is a sad case. It is so unfortunate. For a man to become a woman is just ridiculous. There is nothing in thus world LOWER than a WOMAN. If my comment is misogynistic I don’t give a shit. Yes people got a right to live their life the way they want. Just sad a handsome man is now an unattractive man pretending to be a woman. And that’s the thing with trans people. They tell the world to accept them by transitioning to opposite gender. But it isn’t real it is cosmetic and fake. I just hope Lance Hart didn’t cut his dick off. I heard people can transition back.

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