Johnny Moon “Gay 4 pay people are rewarded CONSTANTLY for being straight and putting something near their ass.”

Johnny Moon, who worked for sites like Next Door Studios & Say Uncle, responded to the now deleted tweet of Nick Fitt on his personal stand of not hiring models who are gay for pay for a gay or bisexual scene.

12 thoughts on “Johnny Moon “Gay 4 pay people are rewarded CONSTANTLY for being straight and putting something near their ass.”

  1. Yeah, this sounds more to me like a Union problem than a “safe space” problem.

    It’s basically the argument that illegal immigrants are stealing all our jobs, but I mean, there is someone who is in control of not paying things equal. There is a whole history of valuing “straight” guys, and that is Toxic, but the value is there as people push that fetish. I mean, I would like to think models are being hired for their physical hotness, maybe a sensual attitude more than anything.

  2. Maybe the gays should step their game up rather than throwing hissy fits everytime this subject gets brought up? Y’all are annoying, that’s why people don’t give you coins.

    1. Careful, you’ll get dragged by the terminally online types!
      But… you’re right.

  3. I think we each have to be responsible for the choices we make as porn consumers. I don’t like scenes with G4P performers based on the lack of chemistry and intimacy. That’s my only real issue. For that reason, I avoid those scenes and performers. To each their own. I’m certainly not going to try and stop them from working in the industry.

  4. These people don’t seem to understand that its not just about ‘Gay 4 Pay’. It’s about the aggressive disrespect performers and the industry have been showing to gay men in recent years. Getting gay performers to praise pussy and brag about their embrace of straight sex is fucking gross. How they ever thought that would fly is beyond me. It’s difficult to find performers in the industry who are actually gay.

  5. Hello-

    as far as I am concerned there is no such thing as str8 guys in gay porn. even if in your personal private life
    you’re strictly hetero if you have had a career in gay porn you’re not str8 you’re bi-sexual.

    1. I draw a distinction between men who will have sex with other men for money (gay4pay) and those who desire or want to have sex with other men (gay or bi).

  6. Some of the hottest moments of any gay man have to do with the unexpected gay sexual experiences with straight men. And my dude… the reason you’re not making bank is because you’re prissy. Fags with hair from the cover of a romance novel shouldn’t whine about masculine straight men getting all the jobs. If you don’t like it, butch up so that you appeal to more people.

  7. Porn is first and foremost fantasy, so the appeal of a straight guy doing something gay, even for money fulfills a certain fantasy, whether we like it or not. Just look at the success of some fansite models. G4p in all its various nomenclature has been around probably as long as there’ve been porn. Is it unfair that the “straight guys get all the attention”? Probably, but baring your claws and getting prissy about it will probably just piss off your audience and get you the opposite effect you want.

  8. He doesn’t mind getting his brains fucked out in gang bang scenes on Fraternity x by str8 guys though does he? If he was a hot beefy hunk he’d get the top dollar.

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