Kory Frazer shot his casting scene more than 7 years ago

The latest guy featured in the casting scene of Belami Online is Kory Frazer.

Casting shoot is the first step to getting more scenes at Belami Online.

Kory already had a photo shoot released in 2015 by Belami Online that stated it was shot a while back.

A while back could mean 7 more years 😋.

2 thoughts on “Kory Frazer shot his casting scene more than 7 years ago

  1. I genuinely believe that BelAmi is great for a few different things and a few of their more recent developments are great, but this is one of the things that I don’t like… The belief that it’s completely fine to release stuff from almost a decade ago.

    But then I also it’s a trade off for a firm that’s capable of giving you updates every day and get their models to open up to new sexual experience that have never had before. I don’t think they’re doing well balancing it yet, but I’m giving them credit for changes and developments.

  2. Only 7 years old .thats up to date for bel ami .they are normally at least 10 years old.

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