3 thoughts on “Sven Basquiat

  1. I love this guy. Really sweet and he can really cook. He and his wife have a beautiful little girl. I don’t mind that he is G4Pay. He puts his heart into every scene and mostly bottoms.
    At the moment he is doing muscle sports and he has always done marathons. If you see his scenes posted by Bel Ami you will notice that they are old. His body is muscular now, and he has more tattoos.

    1. He’s said that’s he’s bi or pan or something, not G4P. Of course that could easily be a marketing ploy. But I choose to hope.

    2. Such a cute boy, and so committed to his work in gay porn.
      Hopefully he doesn’t end up ruining his body with the tattoo craze.
      Most start, and do not know when to finish.

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