11 thoughts on “Vince Vega, Josh Collins, Tristan West & Javier

  1. Javier looks like he has monkeypox on his cock but its a marble. People do anything to their cocks if they think it helps getting them off. I pass.

  2. Vince Vega is a hottie. He looks like he might develop into a hot cock hungry bottom guy.

  3. None of these men do anything for me. Gamma Entertainment should stop hiring that unhinged, Trump-loving Republican closet case, David Skylar.

  4. David Skylar may be straight, and he might sometimes have the performance issues you’d expect a straight guy to have, but there are few men I’d rather see naked. In these still photos he’s utterly gorgeous. His hairy chest and dense bush are worth the price of admission. He’s an incredibly handsome man.

    1. I don’t think David Skylar is “straight”. You can’t always go by a man’s dick state in a scene as well. I’ve seen openly gay performers have wood issues in some of their scenes. They are being filmed for many people to see with a camera between their legs. That’s not always easy. Skylar has one of those dick’s that doesn’t always get fully hard. I’ve seen him with a woman…and he was even softer than he is with men. I see intimacy with him and these men. Body language doesn’t lie. Even the people over at Str8UpGayPorn have his closeted number. I watched his scene with Jim Fit because of the comments, and that’s one of the best rim jobs I’ve ever seen. No straight man would lick and suck on another man’s asshole with that much gusto for so long for any amount of money. I usually don’t buy into the “gay-for-pay” market. The truly straight men make their money with awful, passionless performances and get out early. Skylar has been in gay porn for four years now. He WANTED to be successful and film with men for his OnlyFans. It’s too bad that he’s an unhinged, entitled nutcase. I’m sure that all of the performers in the industry know this and that’s why they don’t want to film with him. Not because he’s “straight”. I find him semi attractive.

  5. Josh Collins has been around for a few years on the U.K. circuit with the likes of Gabriel Cross, Jonas Jackson, Diggory, Leander, Billy Essex, etc., is openly gay, and has a 4MyFans site. He is a superior bottom and loves to eat cum. Welcum to the U.S., Josh.

  6. Anyone know what is going on with the Latinboyz website? The updates just suddenly stopped about a month ago.

  7. Does the first guy got monkeypox? The thumb nail is a bit frightening to see the bump on the man dick.

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