Aaron Crowley, Latin Boyz & Tyler Roberts

Who is Aaron Crowley in gay porn? It stated in his book that he did gay porn “While doing gay porn, love was a foreign concept to Aaron, but after hearing the words, “Jesus loves you,” he questioned everything.” [h/t Anthony]

No updates for weeks from Latin Boyz. It’s in transition due to new ownership.

Tyler Roberts as a bottom via his flip fuck with Romeo Davis for their fan sites – uploaded at Raw Fuck Club.

4 thoughts on “Aaron Crowley, Latin Boyz & Tyler Roberts

  1. Why do I suspect that Aaron NEVER did gay porn and that it’s an invention, just to sell this book?

    If not, what was the stage name? Which website? Anything.

  2. The Tyler and Roman video is really terrific–both have huge, thick cocks that they struggle to swallow and both get bred fully. About damn time for Tyler, a major, major masculine top for years. Bravo!

  3. Tyler has bottomed before. He did so early in his career. He got fucked by Blue Bailey in one of his bottoming scenes and got fucked by two guys in a row in another video that I forget the name of.

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