Is that you Pride Studios?


It’s Chaos Men!

This is Pride Studios.

We are not the same. Look at the logo to see the difference 😁

I agree with the comment of ncbored on this postJust this morning I looked at the β€˜new’ ChaosMen site and thought, β€œThe men all look like Pride Studios types’. What a shame to see!

4 thoughts on “Is that you Pride Studios?

  1. Once again, let me make it clear. Chaosmen is dead to me. Let it go out of business and ease the pain.

  2. Same production crew for both sites. They attempt to make them slightly different, but there’s only so much you can do with using the lighting equipment the same. They also do the scenes for Bait Buddies.

    The sites run into each other quality wise. If you have a subscription to one site there’s no reason to sign up for another.

  3. Right, they are all ill-looking which is fucked up, no wonder I barely touch modern porn anymore

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