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  1. I live for the day when I can write something positive here.

    Daniel Montoya…. Physically pretty perfect, but there’s something about him I find very off-putting and I don’t know what it is. Energetically, he’s giving me Andrew Stark vibes. Needless to say, I’m not a fan.

    Nick “woke” Fitt. Plucky lil dude, isn’t he? Okay, so before I immerse myself in the backlash of the 99.99% of people here in favor of mRNA vaccines, I just need to ask the question. Why? Are four shots within the period of a year, really necessary for a virus that has the same mortality statistics as the flu and pneumonia? I am perplexed and alarmed at the number of people that just go along with this, without ever really doing the research or at least waiting for long-term data stats to be concluded. To me, it’s like jumping out of an airplane without checking to see if your parachute was packed. I don’t get it, but… hey. Apparently, “I’m” the crazy one.

    Derek Shaw has a point. With the craziness happening at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if the draft wasn’t reinstated. In that case, I’m moving to Canada. Lord knows, nothing crazy happening up there. πŸ™„

    1. Canada is pretty chill but certain big cities can be a lot crazier than USA as a whole, my dude. Prime Minister is a total whack. If anyone’s gonna be drafted first, it’s certainly going to be the young men from Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. Probably, India and Australia too.

    2. If you don’t understand the risk from Covid after two years, then you’re too stupid or stubborn or whatever to understand yet another explanation. Yes. You are the crazy one.

      1. I was waiting for the hissy fit to hit. I’m not let down.

        The problem is that people like you have been marinating your brains in a toxic ooze of totalitarian dogma for far too long. What’s black is now white and vice versa. We’ve been conditioned to believe what our overlords have instructed for us without questioning or doing the research. It’s easier to call people crazy, stupid, reckless without any substantive proof. My mother’s been a registered nurse since 1991. She’s now a nurse practitioner, has had all the shots and is now regretting that she did. After her third shot (booster), she was stricken with the worst case of covid she could possibly get. She was sick for two weeks and contemplated being admitted to the hospital. Despite the reports on the news of massive hospital over-crowding, the hospital that my Mom worked at was virtually empty from Feb 2020 to the end of the year. How is that possible, you ask? In a city with a metro population of over a million people? Meanwhile, nurses and doctors have time to choreograph dance routines and make Tiktok videos… Right… Don’t spit in my face and tell me it’s raining. “Oh, but I know many people that died of Covid”. Name two. And supply me with their obituary and social…. Oh wait. Let’s not forget about those people who died in car accidents, motorcycle mishaps, cancer patients, diabetic patients who all died “with” Covid. Not “of” Covid. It’s gullible people like you who have been cash cows and torch holders for Big Pharma. My whole family took the Pfizer shots and none of them were protected against the virus. In fact, I had to take time off from work to take care of them when they were sick. Me, the only one in the bunch that didn’t take the shot and I’ve still never had even a trace of it. And as a personal fitness trainer, I am exposed to bodily fluids on a daily basis. We’ve got to wise up and stop being so damned trusting of a system that does not have your best interest at heart.

        1. Alex W you should waste your time with folks who are misinformed > bully others into believing what they think. Facts are: The daily average cases are 103,613, daily deaths are about 400, hospital admissions 6,010 per day. This info was collected from the air – check out the website.

          1. Escape the matrix, once and for all. That’s all I should say. I don’t know why I should entertain this after a week and this post is old and played out, but I will

            You’re not getting it. When you transpose flu, pneumonia, COPD and other pre-existing health conditions and then slap a Covid cause of death on it, the numbers are going to be over embellished and skewed. Those numbers are erroneous, much like the PCR test. If a pineapple can test positive for Covid, anything can. What happened to the flu? What happened to the common cold? Nobody has them anymore. It’s all Covid. It’s reached absurd proportions and uninformed, easily manipulated people who live on the MSM’s every word are the first ones to believe the hype and engage in hysteria. Fear is an incredibly immobilizing way to control the masses. It’s been highly effective too. They create the problem (Covid) and then offer the alleged solution (vaccine). I’ve done enough research and have very close ties with people who are in the medical world to know the numbers are not adding up. The reporting in my city of mass Covid infections and death did not add up when you can’t account for the said number of patients in hospitals. Not to mention the outrageous incentives hospitals get paid for a Covid death. It’s really an exorbitant, highly strategic money laundering operation and you people don’t even realize it. I’ve discussed this at great lengths and in very intricate detail from start to finish and people still don’t want to believe this level of corruption exists. Many have taken the vaccine and are now in full-on justification mode. This is what happens when you refuse to believe there could be malevolent intent. It’s a coping mechanism and it’s fueled by ego and fear.. “I’m the crazy one. The reckless one. the selfish one”. No. I am the rational one that refused to buy into the scam. I don’t care how unpopular or unlikable this makes me. I’m not going to compromise my beliefs or the facts that I know to be true, regarding this. You don’t have to like it, but you’re never going to change my mind on this. In due time, you’ll figure it out for yourself, god willing.

            1. Oh my fucking god you fucking braindead windbag! No one is interested in changing your mind. Just STFU and die already so humanity can raise its collective IQ and exist without useless people like you on earth.

              1. You’re probably one of those idiots who’s double masked, gloved up, with a can of Lysol in the console of your car. while you’re driving on a hot summer’s day. Reflect that mirror back to yourself because you’re most definitely the braindead one of the two of us. As far as death wishes… Well. That’s pretty inane and childish of you, but I expect no less from someone who’s so easily manipulated by the MSM. I genuinely feel sorry for you. I don’t suffer fools, but I hope for your sake, the effects that you will undoubtedly face from your hypnotic trance-induced decision to take something ineffective will be insignificant at best.

                This reminds me of when Stalin died. All of the political dissidents were then released from the gulags. Some cried. Not because they were then free, but because they were genuinely sad Stalin was dead. The very man that locked them up. Yeah… You’re never gonna help those people. You’re one of them.

    3. You know it actually isn’t that hard to say something positive and stop… but I guess since you are living for the day where you could, it’s a positive thing that you didn’t..

  2. I am not particularly into Nick fit and his histrionics but I got the impression this was his 4th shot total not 4th in a year (which is more aligned with what one might do for a flu shot )

    Of course every one of these tweets are pretty stupid .

    1. How long do you think these mRNA vaccines have been on the scene? They were being pumped out early 2021. We’re in the middle of 2022. A year and a half, to be precise. Let’s also not gloss over how quickly they were made available. Covid hadn’t even been in circulation for 24 months and now we have an emergency use of an experimental vaccine that’s never been made to the public until now. No long-term studies still as of yet. My thinking is not radical. I am pragmatic and cautious. But to each their own. I didn’t want to come here and debate about this because, A. it does not really pertain to porn and B. I get weary talking to people who refuse to engage in critical thinking.

      I don’t care who decides to partake in this experiment. If you want me to drive you to your local CVS pharmacy and administer the vaccine to you, personally, I would. My thinking is that we should each have a choice. If you choose to take it, cool. You take it, 2x, 3x, 4x…. Besides, for whoever’s vaccinated, they should be protected against the unvaccinated. If not, the vaccine was ineffective and useless to begin with, The end.

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