6 thoughts on “Bryce Beckett at Devil’s Film

  1. Stunningly sexy man. But damn, Bryce definitely is scraping the gutter with those two obvious meth addicts in that bi scene. It’s disturbing that this was ever produced. He needs do better at managing who his scene partners are. The entire industry needs to do better.

    1. I was thinking the same thing until I saw that it was with a (cis or post-op) woman and not some tranny. Chicks w/o D please.

  2. Bryce was once ho,t but is not longer and had been replaced by Ian Cage who could be his much shorter twin and is a much better performer!

    1. My only regret with Ian…he deserves better than GH.

      On one of their last videos, there was a bit of behind-the-scenes footage, where he was sat with one of their women fawning all over him. I’m just hoping he and the audience aren’t subjected to one of their bi scenes.

      Ian is a man’s man and I just hope he gets away from Gay Hoopla and onto absolutely any other side.

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