James Manziel had scenes released by Gay Hoopla from 2017 to 2019.

He is back on Twitter to promote his fan site.

He shared a video of himself getting fucked by a dildo.

The same dildo was shoved into a denim to make it look like he was sucking a real cock.

He turns 28 next week. Happy birthday!


7 thoughts on “If you miss James Manziel

  1. Hets don’t need promotion. They have enough pathetic gay men out there who throw money at them just for breathing.

  2. Well, he can always collab with former Gayhoopla models. Derek Jones, Sean Costin, Bryce Beckett, Collin Simpson(retired??), and Jake Daniel all have fan sites. Because he does know that no one will want to see him solo. They want to see him get fucked bareback or (for some reason) fuck other women in str8/bi scenes.

    1. I like James a real lot back then. I wonder what in context in his life made him come back and take more cock in his mouth and ass. Hope he still enjoys it and misses it and craves for more of it. I remember how hot it was when he got fucked by Derek on the chair and how he always came from getting fucked. He’s super hot and expressive and it was fun to watch.

      Hope he cut his hair back short and show his fit body. So wish he’d go back to mainstream studios instead of doing solos on OF and shows us how he misses warm meat inside him filling him up.

  3. Nothing new, nothing that we missed so in the words of DJ Khalid, “another one”.

  4. Damn, he’s 28? At what age did he debut?

    He ain’t my type but the dildo sucking video was hot.

  5. Love the guy taking dick, everything else with him on camera is a waste. Ride those dicks into the sunset James…RIDE!

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