Tyler James changed his name to Greyson Carter

Stag Collective (now under Next Door Studios) introduced Tyler James last year.

He also had scenes released by Active Duty till February of this year.

Tyler was very close to Chris White when he started gay porn. But, Tyler hasn’t mentioned Chris on Twitter for months.

On Twitter, he is now known as Greyson Carter. The change of name happened last July or August.

6 thoughts on “Tyler James changed his name to Greyson Carter

  1. Chris White posted several tweets about an abusive relationship around the time he and this guy stopped filming together. Chris’ Twitter account has been suspended for a while but he has returned strongly this year including this week in a MEN video.

  2. “Greyson Carter” is a better name. It’s more unique, somewhat sexier to me… I don’t know why.

  3. Tyler James or Greyson WHATEVER…
    Lets See… Bad ink all over his pudgy body.
    Very Very ordinary/ ugly face.
    Very Very ordinary / SHORT cock.
    Very square / Fat ass.
    YEP, he can be what goes for a “porn star” today, sadly.

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