Michael S aka Michael Seraph

Michael S now has two scenes released by Bait Buddies. The first one [gallery] had him top Matt Muck while the second one [gallery] had him top Nate Stetson.

At Chi Chi La Raw & Pride Studios, he is known as Michael Seraph [gallery] where his scene with Max Roman was a flip fuck.

Michael Seraph was also the name he used in his condom scene at Gay Room and orgy at Adult Time.

* When I first saw Michael, I thought he was Aston Springs.

7 thoughts on “Michael S aka Michael Seraph

  1. He did flip-fuck with Julian Torres in the Pride Studios scene. Been a long time since he’s on the receiving end though.

  2. Whenever I see the name Zachery Scott, I think of the actor who played Joan Crawford’s villainous boyfriend in Mildred Pierce, though I think he spelled it Zachary

  3. whats the deal with dubai? its one thing for rich emirates to import female sex workers but considering how taboo homosexuality is in that region i’m surprised these guys are so open about it online – i know the UAE isnt as strict as Saudi Arabia but still…i hope they treat sex workers better than the other foreign contract workers…

  4. He is ok and has tits like Tom out of Corbin Fisher. He is nothing special to be fair and I will need to see him in action to see if he is any good!

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