Roman Todd, Jay Tee, Johnny Donovan, Trevor Brooks & David Skylar

Roman Todd [movies] is still in demand since he started in 2010. Add two upcoming scenes to his name – one with Carter Woods at Next Door Studios and the other one with Quin Quire at Kink Men.

Jay Tee now has 26 scenes listed at Say Uncle with 6 scenes released this year. He is back for more.

Johnny Donovan as a sex robot in his upcoming scene with Troye Dean at Men.

Trevor Brooks with a Christmas themed scene with Dakota Payne this month at Falcon Studios.

David Skylar, who hasn’t tweeted since his last tweet about ending his life, has an upcoming scene with Sebastian Sky at Next Door Studios.

9 thoughts on “Roman Todd, Jay Tee, Johnny Donovan, Trevor Brooks & David Skylar

    1. It will have meant that all those ravings were actually cries for help and no one helped him. I really hope he’s death meant the death of his porn persona and that the real man behind him is safe and well…but so many people have been quick to condemn him. I don’t personally stand behind a single thing that he’s Tweeted and I didn’t have a high opinion of him, but I never trolled him and maybe in a vulnerable place, the people who did pushed him over the edge.

      There can be very real consequences for someone you “hate”, but who you don’t actually even know.

  1. I would sometimes confuse Jay Tee with Ryland Kingsman.. I liked both of them though so it didn’t matter :p

    Wish the other one would come back too

  2. How and why is Roman Todd still a thing? Out of all Randy Blue’s former models, he is the one still around? I do not get it at all. He’s a shit performer and we’ve seen take enough big dicks. Retire, please.

    1. There is a circle of porn “stars”, who no one seems to like…they get terrible comments on every blog, you can’t deny their scenes are terrible and are universally panned, but who still get work and are actually showcased. I can’t explain the reason why.

      1. Boyfriend of a producer
        Paid “boyfriend”of a producer
        Easy to work with/dependable
        Has more fans than you think

        There are lots of potential reasons someone who doesn’t seem to be anyone’s cup of tea is still going strong in the industry. For me personally, it’s #4 as far as Roman Todd is concerned. 😎

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