From Camilo Uribe “I’m a str8 top no gay shit”

– One of the images could be disturbing –

Tweet has been deleted.

Camilo Uribe had scenes released from 2017 to 2018 as the top at Fucker Mate & Tim Tales.

His hole seems to enjoy butt play. (UPDATE The tweet has been deleted. It was a photo of a huge dildo. I wasn’t able to get a screen shot.)

In a now deleted tweet in 2019, he asked his followers for advice on how to fix the damage done to his hole due to orgies.

11 thoughts on “From Camilo Uribe “I’m a str8 top no gay shit”

  1. English isn’t his first language, and his social media is full of gleeful gay sex. He probably didn’t mean what you assume he did.

  2. I’m sure someone on here will come screaming to the defense of men who destroy their holes before the age of 30, claim everyone is a bigot for not destroying their own holes, and start a GoFund me page in-order to cover the cost of adult diapers.

  3. First off what’s up with the sudden influx of ” photos that might offend”? These stories can be easily told with out them and I suspect that it’s being used to draw in a certain type of viewer..

    Second, how can you not expect to have your hole damaged when you’re using a Bad Dragon dildo ( with SPIKES mind you) of that size? Bad Dragon even sends a disclaimer with dildos that size warning if what could happen if improperly used

  4. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Hilarious attention seekers are all of these Guys in Gay Porn!

    Ta for the warning that last picture was challenging!

  5. What in the pair of male depends or liners is going on here? There’s definitely some misinterpretation going on with the whole “str8 top” thing b/c no str8 nor top would ever engage in this style of sex and anal torture.

    Listen I’m all about ass play and having fun but you’ve got to go gradually and you also have to think about health too. If your plugging your ass with massive dragon spiked dildos and letting a multitude of men fuck in a traumatizing orgy, there may be some long term consequences you’ll have to deal with later in life.

    Side note… for the love of whoever, please use some pixelation. Thanks love.

    1. Brillant response mate! And that last picture was most unexpected, but a warning was issued although I never read it lol.

  6. Seems like he is having a Mental Health crisis. He is Gay, Str8 my ass. The dude probably meant to say he is a strict Top after destroying his Hole. He once did a cringe video where he used coke instead of lube for his Bottom.

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