Shawn Wolfe (aka Drew of Sean Cody) has passed away

He first did a solo at Sean Cody in 2009 as Drew. He came back in 2012 as Shawn Wolfe [movies] where he applied as a model for sites like Treasure Island Media, and he ended up as an exclusive of Raging Stallion.

Shawn has passed away due to drug overdose.

[h/t @ John B]

7 thoughts on “Shawn Wolfe (aka Drew of Sean Cody) has passed away

  1. This is sad. I remember him. Almost every scene this guy was hard as steel and full of lust. He was cute as the furry clean cut college kid. He was even hotter when he graduated to furry Man. He topped with lust, he bottomed with lust. Good kisser too.
    I think I read where he worked at a leather bar not too long ago.
    Never understood why he wasn’t a bigger “star”

  2. Shawn was liked by all those who met him in the Seattle area. All the comments on Facebook about his passing say what a nice guy he was. While I don’t know what drug he overdosed on I would guess he OD’d on Fentanyl as it has been a big cause of overdose deaths in this area and is often laced with other street drugs unbeknownst to the purchasers and users.

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