15 thoughts on “The next recruit from Only Fans by Sean Cody is Kyle Denton

  1. Why is Sean Cody still alive? Why would anyone want to subscribe to a website that does not offer quality content. The site is so bad that they had to DELETE old scenes that were GREAT just for us not to have a point of comparison. The new owners of the site killed the original concept, do not spend your dollars here.

    1. I mean… I thought Sean Cody lost those scenes in their infamous fire from a few years ago? I don’t know how fair it is to blame them for that, but yeah their new stuff just doesn’t cut it at the moment.

      Still, I mean, the whole OnlyFans thing… the fantasy of the porn website finding some random guy in a grocery store or at a park, convincing them to do porn as they’ve never ever considered before is just as bad and toxic a fantasy as the early disney princesses. Most models will likely have or come from Onlyfans these days because as soon as they find out they are hot and can make money off of it, they are going to be going on that or chaturbate or anything remotely like that! Porn websites just don’t have a monopoly anymore.

      The difference is that you are supposed to be paying for better production values, better shot videos, better curated pairings (lol), and not paying $10-25 per model, per month!

      But still… sometimes I wish some of the older models just came back instead, because Sean Cody, at least as of 2023, even a majority of 2022 has been a snorefest.

      1. They claim they lost their old scenes in a fire, then why are they flogging them on another pay for scene site then?

        If I knew that was the case re the fire, I offer my own collection, as I have all of their films up to 2016 lol!

      2. ONLYFANS is like a virtual strip club.. the $5.99 is the entrance fee. Then of course you have the tipping for various gratuities( like you would in a real strip club), and you always pay for the extra content ( champagne room).

        With that kind of business model, why would anyone go and work for a porn studio these days is beyond me.

        1. Mate I make you right and I whilst I got bored of OF/JFF you have point as some can make a wad of cash but lot dont, lets face it some of those baiters do fuck all and earns an absolute fortune. So why the hell would they go and work for a studio and het paid a pittance eh?

      3. The problem is Mindgeek. For some legal questions, they can’t use various old scenes from their catalogue. Scenes from Boys First Time, Papi and other sites that they buyed are lost too.

  2. First Sean Cody trowels guys who are fresh out of jail, now they’re approaching OF models? It’s bad enough how dreadful the scenes are they’re putting Mr. Deep Voice though, compared to how good his own OnlyFans content is in comparison.

    SC just makes the same lacklustre and uninteresting scene over and over again and when they use guys who make better content themselves, it just becomes embarassing.

  3. Ever since that fateful night the mind geek owners of Sean Cody cowardly removed thousands of their very best scenes and sold them to pay per scene sites, they’ve crashed and burned. Easily one of the lowest quality sites on the web. The worst. I stopped subscribing the day that happened. To Men too also under same ownership and also took a nose dive. I’m still floored that BelAmi worked with Sean Cody on a special group of scenes this past year. It was cringeworthy. The models of Sean Cody were like fish out of water and had no chemistry with the much younger and attractive BA models. Stick with Corbin Fisher.

  4. But in all fairness to Kyle, I think he’s hot and just wish he was working with a hotter studio like Corbin Fisher. I wish him the best and certainly think he’s a great addition.

  5. Kyle is pure Sean Cody classic model and looks hot to me, that ass nice !!!

    There is not point guys moaning the old days, as they are dead and buried. OF/JFF has grabbed all of hot talent and has runaway with it and the Studios were two fucking greedy and took their fans for Idiots making loads of coin!

    Mind Geek is run by Heteros and are making package flogging a dead horse as is Gay Hoopla and Corbin Fisher, and aint gonna change and neither are the other leading studios.

    We just have get over it, as moaning about is not going change anything is it?

  6. To be fair to SC i imagine it is pretty hard to find guys now willing to do porn who don’t already have an onlyfans first.
    The one positive i guess is that it means you dont have to then sub to their over priced OF’s.

  7. Kyle is one hot slab of beef with a great smile, incredible ass and muscular body. Would love to see him paired with a muscular Top like Eddie Burke or Malik Delgaty, someone that has high energy in bed and knows how to make a Bottom enjoy every thrust and moan with pleasure. Both of those guys would pound him good. Burke would bury his face between those cheeks.

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