19 thoughts on “Lance Hart as Lucy Hart

  1. Lance was one of my faves! Now, after Lucy I cant watch the Lance I wont b watching Lucy scenes unless Lucy is topped by a top male I like.

  2. Wow. This is news to me. I saw them on a documentary on TV about being in porn and noticed that I hadn’t seen them tweet in a while on Twitter.

  3. Beautiful transphobia on this comment section. Everytime I visit this page you’re always complaining about how G4P performers treat their collegues and fans but here you are making fun of her apparence, misgendering her and relating her transition with being addicted to drugs. Anyways, next time you see David Skylar ranting about gay people, don’t complain because you’re not better than him if you treat the members of your OWN community like this.

  4. Lance Hart is NEVER going to be a woman. Germaine Greer, JK Rowling, Meghan Murphy feminists are correct. Lucy Hart is suffering from gender dysphoria. It is a mental illness to be trans.

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