Michael Lucas back in action at Lucas Entertainment

It has been over a year since the owner of Lucas Entertainment had a sex scene released on the site. His latest had him fuck Andrey Vic & Jordan Starr.

– No train fuck in the actual video.

Speaking of Lucas Entertainment, Lobo Carreira’s threesome with Steven Angel & Tomas Brand will be released this Friday “Lobo originally got his start in front of the camera on the fifth season of the Bravo reality television show, “Below Deck.

12 thoughts on “Michael Lucas back in action at Lucas Entertainment

  1. Hot fucking going on at that studio. But Michael Lucas doesn’t sustain a rhythm; he’ll be in a guy’s ass for a moment or two and pull out. Annoying to watch when you just want to see some ass pounded out.

  2. Ya know, for an aggressive verbal TOP – Jordan Starr really likes to take it up the ass. I have seen him order around and own guys as a top many times, he is a good performer. But when he takes a cock up his ass he looks twice as hard. Very versatile guy, and this scene would be way better if Mr. Lucas was behind the camera instead of behind Jordan.

  3. He’s too controlling and one of my biggest problems with him is that he doesn’t allow natural flow. Sometimes shutting the fuck up and letting the guys do their thing can create great porn. He can’t keep his mouth shut and he wants to micromanage it all.

    Plus he’s cringy as fuck. Ewww. He needs to take his duck lips and quack his ass back into obscurity.

  4. Michael is quite attractive and I love his sexual dominant persona. I was amazed the way he made love to Paddy O’Brien. I was jealous.

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