8 thoughts on “If you miss Matt of Corbin Fisher

  1. After all these years, Matt still looks great. Very cute. Reminds me of Blake Bennett from BSB. Thanks for this update.

  2. I remember this guy! He appeared on CF, as newly 18…then appeared on a new site a couple of years later, again as 18 and CF had removed him entirely. I always assumed they’d filmed with him when he was underage and tried to hide the fact.

    He was absolutely taken off the website, but he’s back there now (this of course would be after Jason sold the money, the crew were sacked and numerous changes, etc and maybe they think they can get away with it) but it also now lists him as 19 when he first appeared.

    I’m trying to remember the other site he appeared on…was it Cocky Boys maybe? Whichever site, it listed him as 18 too and this was AFTER CF.

    And Corbin Fisher had this habit of deleting videos/models. When the site was first opened, the website was a lot more primitive, so you could literally search the videos as 1, 2, 3 etc and then when they’d take one down, it was completely noticeable that one was missing.

    1. Interesting! I can’t find any reference that he appeared anywhere else. if anyone remembers where, please share.

      And my first thought at seeing the recent pictures was, “Theon Greyjoy!”

  3. Matt/GingerPrince turned 35 around May 1 this year, according to his social media. His first video with Corbin Fisher was filmed on November 11, 2006, according to the production statement contained in the video. I still have a copy (WMV format!), along with most of his other CF titles. If the dates are correct, he was 18 when he started with CF.
    He’s got a pretty good fansite. He’s vers, but seems very happy for lots of guys to enjoy that wonderful butt of his. I would love to see him in some studio productions, because he’s still got what it takes.

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