13 thoughts on “Then and now: Cole aka JD Phoenix

  1. Stop me if I’m wrong but didn’t he do a scene where it seemed like he was whipped till he bled, and didn’t I read where he did a scat scene? Hopefully I’m wrong

  2. Yet Another Returnee (Yawn).

    I blame Shabazz, the Baiters and those faceless/headless performers for producing Shit Mediocre Porn and flooding and dominating the market for the last 3 to 4 years . They are always boasting about it on social media like they are Stars as their dumb fans revere and worship them making shed loads of money and continuing to do this.

    So it is no surprise that these old performer who were under the studio control with limited pay decided that they are going to come back and perform and grab a slice of the action is it!

    1. Yay I got loads of down votes and exactly like I said in my post, you all keep on supporting these individuals and then Bitch about being used and taken advantage of, by these supposingly Porn Stars. Brillant 😂🤣😂!

  3. He may be handsome but being whipped til he bleeds and then stating he doesn’t care what people think is just wrong. And now he is creeping back with that PA which is not very attractive at all he should have just stayed away I don’t think anyone noticed he was gone. If he likes pain so much why doesn’t he just go to a dungeon and get whipped there without anyone taping it he would be better off that way. Not looking forward to any scenes he does now.

  4. He resembles Zelensky…so it is basically possible to do “politically colored” porn with him starring in it.

  5. Glad he is back. Would love to see him do some videos with Treasure Island. The Whipping is not for me so I won’t watch it, I also have better things to do with my time than to bitch about it on here. We all have our different kinks. but shaming or saying nasty things is just lame. Don’t like it? Then do not watch it,

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