Rick McCoy taking questions, comments and suggestions from fans at JUB Forum

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From Rick McCoy at JUB ForumHey everyone, this is Rick McCoy! I’m always looking for questions, comments and suggestions from my fans so come talk away. I will try to check up on the site daily so your topics will go unnoticed. You can also follow me on twitter and see what I’m up to. @num1_RickmcCoy

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Quesion from a fan Dude, you’re so hot, how could you let Jake Cruise touch you? I refuse to even click on pics from his studio.

Rick McCoyYeah I get that a lot πŸ˜› haha and don’t worry, I’m not a puss… You can ask pretty much anythingΒ  I originally got into gay porn coming from a straight environment. So I really just went all out (considering I also didn’t have an agent) lol. Anyway, to answer your question specifically, Jake is a great friend of mine and that’s the beauty of brotherly love is you can have fun and be buds, right?Β  I’m not gonna lie to you though, when you’re a newcomer to the industry the money is big lol

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Question from a fan I know you’re a CSM exclusive but do you plan on venturing over to other sites/ studios in the future? Who in the industry (male or female) would you really like to do a scene with?

Rick McCoy

1. I’m actually done with Jake Cruise unfortunately, but good news is I am with Pacific Blu so I am all over the map. Watch out for me

2. I banged Jerrot (something) a week ago in Key West (which is a clue to the big surprise),Β  but I fucking loved that kid and will do it again anytime. Wow is all I have to say

Question from a Fan 1. Which do you prefer bottoming or topping? 2. When will you get a facebook? 3. You said you started in str8 porn, do you still do str8 porn? 4. Which do u prefer str8 porn or gay porn? (seems like the gay orgasms are more intense)

Rick McCoy

1. I actually prefer topping because I am hard to please when it comes to the energy in a scene. It’s seems like there is rarely ever enough of it in modern day porn. I am actively trying to change that though and as a top you can either solo it or control it.

2. I am currently working on a Facebook so watch out for the announcement.

3. I did start with straight porn, but everyone knows how well that pays guys (sarcasm) haha… but, no I don’t do straight porn anymore considering I have found a great replacement.

4. I would say I prefer straight porn for personal purposes, but gay porn is a lot more fun to work in. Everyone in gay porn shoots the shit, fucks and then hangs out as bros. Straight porn for the most part is more strict.