Sean Cody’s Rylan and Sander now works for Next Door as Rylan Shaw and Johnny Rider (tips @ Deran and Terry)

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RYLAN aka RYLAN SHAW Rylan first appeared at Sean Cody last June of 2008 where he had 8 scenes. Rylan was the first guy to fuck Barry at Sean Cody who is now known as Paul Wagner. The last scene released by SC of Rylan was June of 2009.

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He is now known as Rylan Shaw at Next Door. The first scene released as Rylan Shaw was his pair-up with Trystan Bull. If you are a fan of Rylan and seen him in action at Sean Cody, just sucking Trystan Bull’s cock for his first scene is a bit disappointing.


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SANDER aka JOHNNY RIDER Sander’s solo was released by Sean Cody last December of 2010 and his two action scenes were released last January of 2011.


He is now known as Johnny Rider at Next Door. According to his interview with Rod Daily, he has 3 upcoming scenes with Next Door.