Sean Cody’s Rylan and Sander now works for Next Door as Rylan Shaw and Johnny Rider (Thanks Deran and Terry)

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RYLAN aka RYLAN SHAW Rylan first appeared at Sean Cody last June of 2008 where he had 8 scenes. Rylan was the first guy to fuck Barry at Sean Cody who is now known as Paul Wagner. The last scene released by SC of Rylan was June of 2009.

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He is now known as Rylan Shaw at Next Door. The first scene released as Rylan Shaw was his pair-up with Trystan Bull. If you are a fan of Rylan and seen him in action at Sean Cody, just sucking Trystan Bull's cock for his first scene is a bit dissapointing.


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SANDER aka JOHNNY RIDER Sander's solo was released by Sean Cody last December of 2010 and his two action scenes were released last January of 2011.


He is now known as Johnny Rider at Next Door. According to his interview with Rod Daily, he has 3 upcoming scenes with Next Door.

17 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Rylan and Sander now works for Next Door as Rylan Shaw and Johnny Rider (Thanks Deran and Terry)

  1. Not sold on Sander (great everything butter face)…and Rylan was never really a great performer in my opinion: just packing and a more than passable bottom. Wasn’t he dating someone in the industry?

  2. Rylan is dating a hot Australian porn star. Isn’t paul Wagner now recruiting for NDB in an official capacity? Might explain the crossovers.

  3. Neither of this guys likes me but I don’t mind if they work for NDS, as long as don’t touch James Jamesson!!

  4. Oh, well I was just being silly! LOL
    I’ve been noticing that a number of models in NDS have been former SC alumni as of lately since I started a membership:
    Mario Romo = Francisco
    Johnny Rider = Sander
    Cameron Foster = Cameron
    Paul Wagner = Barry
    Rylan Shaw = Rylan
    Jeremy Bilding = Guy #2 from Auditions 16
    Makes me wonder who’s next to defect from SC to NDS.

  5. Hell, if that’s the case, I may see some of my favorites like Devin or Campbell. I would say Kurt but I heard that he has a girlfriend; someone on way big managed to find his FB profile and saw several pictures with him and a lady friend.

  6. Kurt has a gf? I’m ROFL-ing right now. My gaydar was ticked off the minute I hear him talking.

  7. I can get into an ugly dude with a good body but damn, Sander is so ugly he hurts my feelings. And sorry, bottoms should always be handsome.

  8. Jeez some of you queens are just as bad as the silly twats at Way Big. Sander has a very distinct face, due to his ancestry including some Asian in the background. If you guys think that makes him ugly, I’m assuming you’re all handsome princes just waiting for Ryan Gossling and Bradley Cooper to give up their silly acting dreams so you could take your rightful places as the “Sexiest Queens Alive.”

  9. I agree. Gay dudes kinda throw me for a loop when I read porn comments. Bitch about how ugly everyone is. Assume every guy is gay. I get it, it’s gay porn and these guys are selling their looks and their sex but c’mon, if you don’t like it then pass. Some of us realize that guys other than the stereotypical boy-next door blonde/brunette can be hot too.

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